Rekha Thapa's HAMESHA (2013) - Nepali Movie

Rekha Thapa (Nepali Actress and Producer)

Kathmandu, Feb 16, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Despite persistent rumors of being an estranged couple, the new Nepali movie HAMESHA (Forever) is going to be released under the banners of Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha - Chhabiraj Productions and Rekha Films.  While Ojha denies the dent in his relationship with Thapa, she is known to have dropped hints of the couple having a rough time and staying away from one another.

The story of Hamesha is written by Subash Singh Basnet, and the film is directed by Sabir Shrestha who also wrote the screenplay. Chhabi Raj Ojha has the credit for executive producer, and Dijendra Shakya the producer.

The plot seems to have the necessary action, romance and musical elements. The trailer features some crisp action directed by fight master Chandra Pantha and dance sequences choreographed by Raju Shah.

The Nepali film songs of Hamesha are written by lyricist Kiran Kharel and set to music by Rekha Paudel (Phool), who is the first music director of the fairer sex in Nepali film industry.

The star cast is lead by Sabin Sherstha (Adhi Bato, Full Stop) and Rekha Thapa. Sabin Sherstha debuted opposite Rekha Thapa with Ravan in 2011.

The film also stars Naren Khadka, Abhay Chand, Siru Bista, Shishir Rana and more.

Hamesha has an expected release date around mid-April, 2013.

The trailer features Rekha Thapa playing soccer against a men's team, followed by whirling around a cricket bat ostensibly to scare of bad guys. Later on Sabin Sherstha leaves no doubt about the usage of the cricket bat as a potent weapon as he beats up his opponents using one.

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