Intense Entertainment Brings Adnan Sami to Washington DC USA: a Chat with Manish Sood and Live Concert Details

Adnan Sami Concert in Washington DC (Promo)

Adnan Sami Live In Concert in Washington DC USAWashington, DC, Feb 13, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Adnan Sami is one of the greatest musicians of our times whose music transcends genres and geographical boundaries to win the hearts of millions across the planet.  Born in London to Indian and Pakistani heritage, Sami is a Canadian citizen who spends most of his time in the Indian entertainment capital of Mumbai. Equally proficient in Western Classical, Semi-Classical, Jazz, Rock & Pop music, Sami is also famous for his outstanding talent as a Pianist. Sami is a multi-talented prodigy – singer, song-writer, poet, composer, actor and pianist all rolled into one.  Numerous awards have been bestowed on him, including the Nigar Award,  the Bolan Academy Award, the Graduate Award, a special UNICEF award for a song he wrote for famine-hit Ethiopia as a teenager, a United Nations Peace Medal for a song he wrote and performed for Africa, Channel 4 (UK) Keyboard Discovery of The 90s, 2001 MTV Breakthrough Artist of the Year,  the Naushad Music Award from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ‘s Department of Culture,  2008 UK Asian Music Awards  “Best International Act”,  “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Prime Minister of Pakistan and “Glory Of India” Award by the Government of India.

Sami is the only Asian performer to sing to a sold-out Wembley Stadium in London for two consecutive nights – a record that still stands. As a classical concert pianist, he has performed to royalty – both the King of Sweden and King Hussein of Jordan are among his distinguished audience.

It will indeed be a proud moment for south Asian diaspora in the greater Washington, DC metro area when Intense Entertainment headed by Manish Sood presents Adnan Sami in concert on April 12 at 8 PM at the hallowed Warner Theater in DC.

Who: Adnan Sami
What: Adnan Sami Live in Concert
Where: Warner Theater, 513 13th Street NW Washington, DC 20004 Tel: 202.783.4000 Fax: 202.783.0204
When: April 12, 2013 at 8 PM
Tickets: (202) 656 DESI / »

Intense Entertainment has earned itself a warm place in the hearts of DC area residents by bringing us outstanding concerts of very high quality by a who’s-who of contemporary South Asian musicians. We have had the pleasure of watching Atif Aslam, Sunidhi Chouhan,  Imran Khan, Hard Kaur, Salim-Sulaiman, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Nigam and Mika Singh courtesy of Manish, and are eagerly awaiting Adnan Sami, Sunidhi Chouhan and Ali Zaffar in concerts that have already been scheduled.

Manish Sood of Intense EntertainmentWe asked Manish Sood (picture at right), who also runs a travel agency, about the origins of his idea of bringing in world-class performers to DC. Being in the travel business, Manish was seeing the U.S. economic recession limit the options for people to go out and spend cheerful time, and increasingly getting caught in tighter budgets and general uncertainty. Manish decided to do something about it, and launched Intense Entertainment with a goal of bringing high-quality entertainment for folks to go out, watch a show, try great food and shop around for a few hours without emptying their purses. In fact, the price range of tickets to Intense concerts caters to all, starting at under 40 bucks.  Intense continues to bring us the best of Bollywood and receive well-deserved cheer from us all for brightening our lives.

Manish admits to it being risky. Any event is subject to forces beyond the control of man – the weather being a major concern. In fact, hurricane Sandy chose to clash with Mika Singh’s concert, but fortunately Mika Singh’s fans turned out to be indomitable. There are also obvious challenges in bringing in performers from half-way across the world – Manish and his team spend significant effort back-stage ensuring the artists remain healthy and at their best for their presentations. The climate is another challenge – anyone flying in from South Asia to North America of courses faces a steep and abrupt change in climate.

Manish stresses the importance of not compromising on the quality of concerts. Light, sound, venue, and ambience – all of these are of remarkable quality in Intense concerts, and Manish takes great pain to deliver and maintain such a high standard. He has built up a loyal following - people have come to expect quality from him and are not averse to paying for it. Needless to say, no show can be successful without the support of the audience, and Manish has not been lacking in that regard due to his attention to detail and quality standards.

When asked about major concerns, Manish is quick to express his dissatisfaction on the way South Asian folks here tend to hold off buying tickets early on, and waiting till just before the show before purchasing tickets. This attitude clearly creates problems in organizing, managing and maintaining the quality of shows, since Manish is left scratching his head on the basic parameter of how many people to cater to till a few days before the show. It also defies logic, since the prices of tickets do not go down as the show draws closer, and the best seats for the same prices go first. So – why would someone who wants to watch a concert not go right ahead and buy a ticket early on, which often times earns a early-bird discount or the best available seats?

Manish Sood and Intense Entertainment also encourage enthusiastic young entrepreneurs considering a career in event management and organization. In fact, Manish likes to help and guide aspiring youngsters and urges such folks to join in and work with his team.

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