Dibyendu - Locket in HIT RONI HIT Bangla Movie: Of Estranged Parents of a Computer Whiz Kid who Saves the Day from Terrorists

Locket Chatterjee and Dibyendu in

Kolkata, Feb 13, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Debutant Indian Bangla movie director Indranil Banerjee is getting ready with his film Hit Roni Hit - a child thriller in genre, according to the director. WBRi visited the film's shooting location at Narayani Studio in Kolkata and took a first look at the plot, story and background of the film. This Kolkata Bangla movie is oriented towards kids after a long gap of time. The film is produced under the Cine Valley & Woods banner. It is about a computer whiz-kid - the main attraction of the movie.

Locket Chatterjee and Dibyendu in

Indranil Banerjee said, “The story of the film is very unique. We all know how in these days children are being influenced by technology and are becoming so much advanced. If we travel by time machine, for comparison, back in our childhood our only medium of entertainment was comic books and detective story books of the likes of Feluda and Byomkesh.  In our time there was no television as a medium of infotainment. But times have changed and kids have evolved a lot. Now they spend their maximum amount of time in front of computers. My film is on such an 8-year old boy who spends time playing a lot of computer games, surfs the internet and one day he discovers that he has become an expert on cyber crimes like hacking while playing with a different software.”

The role of the child is being played by Kohinoor Banerjee - a student from Dankuni Patha Bhavan. He told WBRi, "My character in the film is a hyper talented whiz kid who spends almost 24X7 playing with the computer and mouse pointer. As my parents fight continuously, the computer becomes my sole friend in the world. By this time I accidentally learn to hack and one day I found some wicked plans hatched by some terrorists by breaking into a website of terrorists. And from there the film takes an interesting turn.”

Locket and Dibyendu essayed the roles of the divorcee parents Mita and Romit of the whiz-kid Roni in this film. The star cast also includes Biplab Chatterjee, Shankar Chakrabarty, Debdut Ghosh and others.

While asked about his role and acting in the film Kohinoor chuckled and replied back promptly, “I am currently doing my job and the director has been helping me a lot to enact my role. Rest is on the audience on how much they would like my performance in the film.”

The director added, “This thriller exposes a contemporary social crisis of conjugal estrangements in recent days, for which nowadays children suffer from loneliness, and become computer addicts. In this film we want to convey the message that may be Roni does something very good for society, but in most of the cases children after a certain period misuse computers and technology and their academia and psychology may get hampered by it.”

Dibyendu Mukherjee was last seen playing a steamy role with the hot actress Rituparna Sengupta, and now will be playing one of the important lead roles in the film Hit Roni Hit. Dibyendu and Tollywood actress Locket Chatterjee were enacting an emotional sequence of the movie on the shooting floor when we visited the studio.

Noted singer Pranjal Bakshi is directing music for this film. Pranjal gave up a career as a District Magistrate to follow his heart's desire for singing. This movie has 4 Bengali film songs, including a ghazal. Apart from the ghazal, rest of the songs are written by him. Srikanta Achrya, Subhamita, Anwesha and Chandrabindoo lead singer Upal have lent their voices for the Bengali movie and interestingly all of the four songs with modern approach have been used in background instead of lip-synching by the actors.

Reporting by Barshali Banerjee (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)