Golemale Pirit Koro Na (2013) Confuses but Entertains: Bengali Movie Review

Payel Sarkar at the Golemale Pirit Koro Na (2013) Indian Bangla Movie press meet

Kolkata, Feb 12, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The latest directorial venture of Anindya Banerjee - ‘Goley Maley Pirit Koro Na’ - comes after a wait of over two years and released this Friday. The Kolkata Bangla movie is about Govinda Ray Chowdhury (also called Gobuchandra) - an orphan boy adopted by Colonel Shaktinath Chowdhury who lives in the village of Chyangrapur. He manages the property of the Colonel after his death and also looks after the family. He handles various labor problems at the factory and also continues his search for the ideal husband for his sister Rai.


Such is the pressure on Govinda that he goes every weekend to the city to meet his fictional friend Prem. Things take a turn when he befriends Gourango Majumdar (also called Garry). Govinda falls in love with Gourango’s cousin Bonya (played by Payel Sarkar).

This girl is a great fan of Salman Khan (and also of his screen name “Prem”), and immediately falls head over heels in love with Govinda when she hears that his name is Prem. On the other hand, Rai also falls in love with Gourango when she finds him wearing a tee with Prem written on it. The first half of the film goes in this pursuit of love and mistaken identities. It is in the second half of the film that the confusions are resolved.

The film has a number of stock characters - like the governess who forgets the task at hand is known as Didimoni, the uncle from the village Nebu Kaka, and the Oriya cook who starts speaking in English when excited (Kharaj Bandopadyay).

The director plays it safe by applying the usual techniques while making this film. However the director must be credited for giving us some genuinely hilarious rib-tickling moments.

The songs in the film are melodious. The first song “Goley male pirit koro na” is a disco song and is catchy. The romantic number “Elo re elo prem elo jibone” and the retro number “Ding Dong” are pleasing to the ears and will remain with you after you leave the theater. Music director Akash has done a good job in this film.

The film has been shot in Kolkata, North Bengal and Pattaya (for the Elo re elo prem elo jibone song). Scenic beauty has been captured well, giving the viewers some delightful visuals.

Jishu Sengupta does a good job as the over-stressed brother Govinda as well as the love struck Prem, stealing the show from Ritwick (as Gourango) who is good at times. Payel Sarkar, as the fan of Salman Khan, does well and looks pretty over the course of the film. Acting powerhouses Rajatava Dutta as the fortune-teller and Bratya Basu as Nebu Kaka offer comic relief for the audience.


On the whole, Gole Male Pirit Koro Na tends to get confusing in parts, but it also sufficiently entertaining if you do not try to analyze it too much.

Watch the Golemale Pirit Koro Na title video song:

- By Priyanka Dutta (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)