DAVID (2013) Review

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Kolkata, Feb 10, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio):  After much critical success of his film ‘Shaitan’ Bejoy Nambiar now comes up with yet another experimental film in the form of ‘David’.

The film has three parallel story lines which have been set in three different time periods and locations. The protagonists of the stories are namesakes and they share the name David. The first story is set in London in the year of 1975 which is about David (Neil Nitin Mukesh) the adopted son of the London based dreaded gangster Ghani. Ghani adopted David after David’s father was killed in a shootout. David grew up under the shadow of Ghani and now is his right hand man who is ready to give everything for his foster father. But as a team of Indian agents lands in London to eliminate Ghani, David gets involved in a face-off with them and his shadowy roots gets  illuminated. In the meantime David’s girlfriend (Monica Dogra) gets married to his brother, the other son of Ghani. But she is bearing the child of David. The agents closes down on David and Ghani and a fatal shootout takes place. What happens after that forms the story of first David.

The second David is played by Vinay Virmani and his story is set in Mumbai in the period of mid nineties. This David is a music enthusiast and dreams to do big in music industry. He comes from a Christian family and lives with his father and two sisters. He gives music tution to earn his expenses. One day his father, a religious man with honest ways of living gets utterly humiliated and assaulted by a group of Hindu fundamentalists leaded by a political leader. David starts a mission to find out the reason and motive behind the assault. What he goes through and what he finds out is his story all about.

The third David is played by Vikram and the story is set in the year 2010. This David is an alcoholic and spends his time by engaging in fights and other nonsense things. He lives with his mother who is always worried about his marriage. David is not interested in women and has no word such as ‘marriage’ on mind. But he finally falls in love with his bestfriend’s deaf and mute girlfriend (Isha Sarvani). His attempts of approaching the girls family through his mother and the father of the local church fails miserably. As the wedding date of his bestfriend and the girl approaches, David’s close masseur friend(Played by Tabu) gives him a plan of stopping the marriage. What he does next forms the closing of his story.

The three stories have been connected with a loose string. Three parallel plots tends to extend the length of a movie by default and in this case the plots were also unnecessary stretched taking the length of the film near to intolerable.

The perfrormances of all the actors are really good but Vikram stays a step ahead of others for his interesting role. Tabu for her role also can be nominated for the ‘Best Cameo award’ (if there is any). Isha looks at her sweetest and is a delight to watch.

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The portions of the film depicting the story of first David has been shot is black and white to give the antique look. The editor has done a good job by decorating the pieces of the movie in a pleasantly jig-jag way though that will test the audience’s memory and focusing strength.

Over all a decent film which ends with both climax and anticlimaxes (perhaps possible only in multi-plot movies). If one has the love for experimental movies and the patient to fix eyes to the screen for a long time, this is the movie to be enjoyed.

- By Jyoti Prakash Mandal