On Bindass Big Switch 4: Raeeszaades as Pit Crew for Himalayan Car Rally Test Drive

Bindass Big Switch 4 Raeeszade Pit Crew Himalayan Car Rally Test DriveFeb 3 (Washington Bangla Radio / pr-inside.com): After 4 weeks of strenuous jobs and hectic activities, it was time to lighten the moment for the ‘Raeeszade’ with some fun activity. And thus came along the task of working as the Pit Crew for the ‘Himalayan Car Rally Test Drive’.

The task was being undertaken to land them a slice of luxury, ‘A Poker Game’. What seemed like a really fun and easy task actually turned out to be a daunting one! 60 minutes, 2 cars, tyre rotation, 5 point performance check list and a car wash was what the driver’s performance and the driver’s life was dependent on.

In short, it was in the hands of our contestants, the ‘Raeeszades’. Fortune favors the brave, says an old adage and fortune did favor the ‘Chandigarh Chillers’! Their team mate, Mahek rejoined them for the task. In fact, it reflected pretty well on their performance as they started with a bang by sending the first car on the track! But things went for a toss when they sent a car on the road without the required supervision and landed themselves a penalty. The ‘Delhi Khalifas’ on the other hand, began their task with utmost enthusiasm but were let down by faulty equipment and bad luck. In the end, the team that held its nerve, won!