Kolkata Fusion Fiesta Opens, Aims to Restore Harmony in Society

Dean Thompson, Tejendra Narayan, Tanmoy Bose, Rashid Khan, Bikram Ghosh
Dean Thompson, Pt. Tejendra Narayan, Pt. Tanmoy Bose, Ustad Rashid Khan, Pt. Bikram Ghosh

Kolkata, Feb 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The much awaited ‘Kolkata Fusion Fiesta’ event was inaugurated at Nicco Park Plaza on 8th February. The three-day music, food, dance and cultural festival has been conceptualized by Pandit Tanmoy Bose and is the first of its kind to be held in the city.

Tejendra Narayan, Debasish Bhattacharya
Pt. Tejendra Narayan and Pt. Debasish Bhattacharya

Tanmoy Bose
Pandit Tanmoy Bose

Apart from it's focus on music, food, fashion, and rising violence in society, particularly against women, are also among the themes. As Tanmoy Bose said, “This is an awareness festival, not purely entertainment.”

The evening started with a grand performance by the beautiful dancers of Kolkata Sanved - an NGO which believes dance is a movement of life and can heal the trauma of many women who may have become victims of trafficking and other such social injustices. The inaugural dance portrayed the message of the Fusion Fiesta: “music against violence”.

Dance Performance by Kolkata Sanved

Dance Performance by Kolkata Sanved

Dance Performance by Kolkata Sanved

Pandit Tanmoy Bose, Pandit Bikram Ghosh, Ustad Rashid Ali Khan, Pandit Tejendra Narayan, Pandit Debasish Bhattacharya and US Consul General Dean Thompson formally inaugurated the event by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Thompson welcomed the guests and the audience and said he was overwhelmed by the response to the program despite the drizzle which came as a sudden surprise, almost spoiling the programme. He said Fusion Fiesta is more about awareness of people all over the world and is not confined to just India. Crimes against women are global, hence the awareness must also be at a global level.

Pandit Bikram Ghosh expressed his excitement in being a part of the initiative and also praised his friend Pandit Tanmoy Bose for his endeavours. He urged the audience and guests to cheer “Hip Hip Hurrah” for Bose!

Next Tanmoy Bose took the stage and thanked everyone saying without their cooperation and support organizing this event would not have been possible. Musicians must be aware of their role and they must work toward fulfilling their responsibilities for the society. Their aim should not only be to earn fame and money but also to bring about a positive change. He feels that with the help of this event a small change will take place in the society.

After the performance of Tanmoy bose, the group Anandam presented their blend of Indian Classical and Jazz music. The songs they performed were composed just the previous night and one of them was composed backstage before the show!

Indian Classical and Jazz Fusion by Anandam

The other performances included a performance by Sivamani and two of his band members. Live Installation Art by body painter Sanatan Dinda was the other attraction of the day.

- Reporting by Priyanka Dutta (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)