Ghar Aaja Pardesi: Thugs Hit Raghav in London

Mumbai, Feb 7, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / GHAR AAJA PARDESI Hindi TV Serial
Epidose Synopsis.

Rudrani Raghav Sajni Devika Ghar Aaja Pardesi Sahara One TV Show

Monday, February 4 at 8p.m On Sahara One

Rudrani and Raghav come back home after shopping when Rudrani surprises him with a party and also sings his favorite song for him.

Raghav remembers Annie and when Rudrani gifts him a painting of Bnaras ghat, he feels nostalgic. Raghav checks his mail and find Devikas’s mail mentioning her as his daughter and that both she and her mother are waiting for him.

When he sees the photo of Sajni with Devika he is shocked.

Tuesday, February 5

Raghav recalls how he had to finally marry Sajni and how she waited for him everyday throughout the night to his father Bhavani Shankar scolding him for his irresponsible behavior. When Rudrani comes to his room to sleep with him he shouts at her and asks her to go back to her room. He feels extremely bad for Sajni that she is still waiting for him.

Wednesday, February 6

Raghav looks at the newspaper cuttings mentioning him as an accused and Bhawani Shanker calling off all relations with him. He then recalls how he wanted to surrender to the police but had to leave for London with Annie when she had informed him about her pregnancy. Before leaving he had called up Sajni to inform the same but she had pleaded to take her along as well as she too was pregnant.

Thursday, February 7

Bhavani Shankar is very upset with Devika as he had least expected something like this from her. He announces his living son, Raghav’s SHRADDH to everyone’s dismay but none has the courage to question him. As he garland’s Raghav’s photo in London Rudrani is angry with Raghav for his strange behavior. As he burns all the paper cuttings and his family photo’s Rudrani storms in to his room.

February, February 8

While Raghav searches for Rudrani in London in Benaras Shukla ji visits Mishra house to show the changed draft of Devika and Hriday’s marriage invitation. Bhavani Shankar asks Devika to read the revised draft. She is shocked to read her father’s name as Late Raghav Mishra. In London some goons hits out at Raghav with a bat and he falls down while in Banaras his photo falls and breaks.