World’s best footballer Andres Iniesta very down to earth, Wants to visit Kolkata

Harish Sharma,Andres Iniesta and Claudia Ciesla

Mumbai, Feb 6, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): PRO Harish Sharma whose directorial debut film “2 Nights in Soul Valley” released last year in December, at the start of this year Sharma flew to Spain for a Calendar Photo shoot and video with world’s best Football (soccer) player Andres Iniesta.

The shoot which was scheduled for 9th January was with Andres Iniesta and India based German model Claudia. The shoot was done for Rajbir Singh’s Aska beverages who has taken the franchisee of Iniesta’s wines.

After returning from Spain Sharma spelt his experience of shooting with Iniesta, “The man is simply down to earth! For an international player’s stature you would expect that he will have bodyguards and bouncers for security but it wasn’t like that. He was alone when he came to greet us.”

During the shoot Sharma invited Iniesta to India but owing to his busy schedule he declined the invitation. However, after Sharma and his team touched India, the very next day Rajbir received a mail from Iniesta’s management confirming the acceptance of invitation on part of Iniesta. Iniesta’s visit to India will be a boost to Indian Football lovers and football players.

Sources confirm that Iniesta will be here only for two days yet is keen to see Taj Mahal, Delhi and may be football city Kolkata. Iniesta is likely to fly to India this June. “I hope I will manage to fulfill his wishes,” said Rajbir.