A Digital Make-Over For Mukta Arts

Mukta Arts Website

Mumbai, Feb 6, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): "We are moving forward with our experiences and a new, revamped team of professionals across education, exhibition, distribution and software production," says an excited Subhash Ghai. With the relaunching of Mukta Arts' website, being one of the most legendary production houses in India, it has begun a new phase in the digital sphere.

With the announcement of 3 big film projects including one with the Deol's, Salman Khan and the magnum opus musical thriller; Kaanchi, Mukta Arts has reinvigorated itself and launched a full bloom digital make-over. This new look includes all its feature films available for viewing digitally. With the internet replacing the traditional channels such as print and television, Subhash Ghai has fiercely tapped the digital market to reach out to the fans, while not forgetting, his next film Kaanchi is something on similar lines.

Mukta Arts is the leading player in Indian film production and distribution. Its venture, Mukta Cinemas is a cost-effective multiplex-movie-watching experience with competitive ticket pricing.