Tarunava Datta's EK LAKSHYA (2013) Film on Social Issues in India: Hindi Movie Review

Ek Lakshya (2013) Film Poster

Kolkata, Feb 5, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): A special screening of the film ‘Ek lakshya’ was organized by director Tarunava Datta at Nandan 2. Datta discussed some interesting aspects of the film exclusively with WBRi.

Indian Film-Maker Tarunava DattaDatta was inspired to make this film after seeing the recent plight of women in our society. He feels that India has only adopted the vices of western culture and this gets projected through violence committed against women. The director is of the opinion that films with a social cause can be commercially viable too, and also entertain the audience. He cited examples of films like Rajneeti and Rang De Basanti. He is confident that his film will also do well.

Datta has earlier made short films and features like “Purnatirtho” and “Amari Jatra hoi suru”. He plans to make his next film with a big star cast, perhaps bringing in Arjun Rampal or John Abraham. The film will be on the life of a NRI who returns to stay in a small Indian town. The changes in his life when he falls in love with a small-town girl will form the crux of the film.

Ek Lakshya is based on social problems that are prevalent in modern Indian society. The poster puts the goal of the film succintly: "Aimed to increase awareness amongst the people about incidents like DELHI GANG RAPE."

The film is about an honest and dutiful Professor Dinesh Dutt (played by Mehul Bhuj) who teaches at a government college. He is a man with strong values. His ideals set him apart from his colleagues in the college. He believes that one must adopt positive elements of western culture and then combine it with positive elements of Indian culture to lead their lives.

Things however take a sudden turn when he chastises a female student for misbehaving in the library in front of the principal. People who disliked him in the administration start plotting against him and come up with strong protests against him in the college.

Even many feminist organizations come to join the protest to show their support for the female student. They demand his resignation.

Abhishek (played by Vijayendra), the son of a friend of the Professor, lives with the Professor and studies at the same college. He brings together those students who are still in favor of the professor.

Abhishek's sweetheart Kamini (Vaishali Shroff) is the daughter of an influential businessman and also joins Abhishek, and together they prove that the vision of the professor is correct.

The role of the principal of the college has been played by Sanjay Bhatia. Pratibha (wife of Dinesh Dutt) has been played by Ani Sharma. Vaishali Shroff who plays Kamini is debuting with this film. The music has been composed by Siddhartha Parasar. “Klanti meri kshama karo prabhu” based on Rabindranath Tagore’s famous Bangla song is an attraction of the film. Gumshum is a likeable romantic song featuring Abhishek and Kamini.

The film has been produced by the government of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Ek Lakshya is a film with it's heart at the right place. One hopes it will help spread awareness in society.

- Reporting by Priyanka Dutta (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)