Watch: "Hey Ram" by Hitesh Rupani Music Video

Mumbai, Feb 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): As many might say that music in India means only Bollywood – there are some who are going the extra mile to take their independent music to the world. One such singer/guitarist /song-writer from Chembur, Mumbai is Hitesh Rupani who has been performing and composing for more than 10 years now! He has composed and arranged music for private albums, radio, television and slowly working his way into Bollywood. What Hitesh has done can bring hope and inspiration to scores of other musicians – He has created a music video to add glitter to his single "Hey Ram" which was already a hit among friends and fans.

"Hey Ram" is a lighthearted, fun song written from the perspective of a singer expressing his desire to live a life wholly surrounded by music. The lyrics refer to the singer’s obsession with music and stars of the music world and a deep desire to be one of them! The video has gained quite a lot of popularity on Youtube and is made by a talented young team.

Music was produced by Kunal Agarwal from Jalandhar who had studied Music with Hitesh at University of Limerick, Ireland. Director of Photography and Editor is 22 year old Sagar Mutkekar from Vashi. Rohit Waghmare and Ninad Bhalerao both who were behind the camera are 22 and 18 respectively. Mandeep Singh Bisla who is a talented young choreographer brought in his talented dancers of the Fictitious Group who have won awards at Boogie Woogie and more recently at India’s Got Talent show. This amazing dance troop does some cool steps in this video under Mandeep’s supervision and has even performed all across the world. They are also featured in the much-awaited Bollywood film – ABCD (Any Body Can Dance). The signature step for Hey Ram is quite nice and is maybe our very own answer to Gangnam Style.

Bharat Natyam Dancer Laxmi Nair added lovely Indian classical touch to the Sitar-ish strains in the middle of the song. On all of this came in Ghatkopar(E) based Visual FX specialist Karan V Kapoor to give the Video the Gen X feel! The wacky video has a fresh appeal and has been liked by all age groups! Bhavini Bangera comments on the video - Lovely! Meaningful lyrics, good music, and love the step of Hey Ram! Hitesh gives all credit to his superb team that made his dream of making a Music Video a reality!

Watch the video song "Hey Ram" by Hitesh Rupani. Guess its just a matter of time that the whole country starts grooving to "Hey Ram" saying – "Hey Ram tu mera karde kaam, main chahoon har zameen par goonje mera naam"!