Payel Sarkar and Sampurna Lahiri Item Song "Milky Rani Silky Rani" Shooting fir "Ashare Goppo" Bangla Movie

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Payel Sarkar in Item Song Milky Rani Silky Rani from Ashare Goppo

Kolkata, Feb 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) With “Milky Rani, Silky Rani” playing in the background, Bengali actresses Payel Sarkar and Sampurna Lahiri moving in tune with the song along with the co-dancers formed the perfect setting for the shoot of a sexy item number  in Arindam Chakraborty’s new Indian Bangla movie Ashare Golpo. The item song is an integral part of the film and is in a film within a film sequence.

Payel Sarkar who plays the role of Tithi spoke to Wbri about her role in this film. She is a parallel film actress who is in a relationship with Sakya. She supports him morally in his effort to make his dream project. This is the first time she is performing an item song and she is excited about the fact. On being asked about her bonding with Sampurna, she replied, “Sampurna is a cute girl and I like her. We bonded well during the shooting of the film. Her birthday is very near. Though she has no plans on the particular day but it will be interesting to see what her fan club is going to do for her on the auspicious day. With marriage bells ringing in Tollywood, Payel was enquired of her marriage plans. The actress gave a mischievous grin and said “Since I am in the queue after Koyel, I will have to do something about this”.

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Payel Sarkar in Item Song Milky Rani Silky Rani from Ashare Goppo

The story of the Kolkata Bangla movie Ashare Goppo revolves around Sakya (Abir Chatterjee) a Pune Film Institute graduate who nurtures a dream of making a film which he wants to name “Sundori”.

However he realizes that no producer was willing to invest money in his film as it has no item songs, foreign locations or any action sequences showing the hero as an invincible person. Tithi (Payel Sarkar), an actress in parallel cinema, understands the plight of Sakya and gives him support. It is while describing a scene to a popular actress Sudipta (Sampurna Lahiri) that Govardhan Maity (Rudranil Ghosh) makes his entry in the film.

Govardhan Maity promises Sakya that he will find him a producer who will finance his film. Sakya meets the producer and the producer agrees. However there is a condition placed by the producer. Sakya will have to make Govardhan the hero of the film and Govardhan has to like the story of the film. It is only then that he will provide the money needed for making the film.

The film is titled "The film is titled “Aachal dhore teno na”. What happens next forms the rest of Ashare Goppo.

According to the director the item song is very important to the plot of the film. Abir Chatterjee is playing the role of Sakya who is a director in the movie and the song sequence is part of the film that Sakya is making.

Payel Sarkar  who is playing Tithi in the film was seen dressed in a red eye catching costume while Sampurna’s on screen character Sudipta was clad in a skimpy blue costume.

The lyrics of the song are catchy and the music rhythmic. The song has been sung by June Banerjee and composed by Debajyoti Mishra.

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Payel Sarkar in Item Song Milky Rani Silky Rani from Ashare Goppo

Arindam Chakraborty feels that this film is a means of commenting on the ways of working of the Tollywood film industry. The manner in which producers rule the industry will be shown in the film in detail. The director, after the completion of this film, plans to make a psycho-thriller. 

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Actress Payel Sarkar in Item Song Milky Rani Silky Rani from Ashare Goppo

Abir Chatterjee who is playing the role of Sakya was also present at the set. The actor feels that his role is very realistic as this situation has been faced by many directors. He also feels that this will be a new role that he will present himself in and his fans will hopefully love him in this role. On questioned about his new responsibility as the father, he smiled and said “challenging”.

Abir Chatterjee

Ashare Goppo looks promising as the story is realistic and with a decent cast. One will have to wait and see what the film turns out to be finally.

Abir Chatterjee
Director Arindam Chakraborty

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