Release of Music from Sourav Mukhopadhyay's Zameen (Bengali, 2012) Film

Bengali Actress DOLON ROY and Supriya Devi
Dolon Roy and Supriya Devi in Zameen (Bengali, 2012) Film

Calcutta, Feb 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The music launch of the Bengali film ‘Zameen’ took place at the Press Club in Kolkata on a Wednesday afternoon. ‘Zameen’ is a low-budget film that has been presented by S.D Movies and is based on a story penned by Sangita Mishra. The film has been directed by Sourav Mukherjee and produced by Umesh Kumar Agarwal. The cast of the film includes a healthy mixture of young and aged including Supriya Devi, Dolon Roy, Aindrilla Chakraborty, Sunil Mukherjee, Dulal Lahiri, Sambhu Chakraborty, Amit Bhattacharjee and others. The music has been provided by Barun Dasgupta with voices lent by Tarun Sarkar, Subhasis and Shirsa among others.

At the Press Club, some important members of the cast and crew of ‘Zameen’ informed the media about the motivation and underlying message of the film. The director Sourav Mukherjee emphasized that despite the low budget, the film could make a mark with a story that remains relevant in contemporary society. The film raises its voice against unlawful land usurpation and describes the plight of an ordinary middle class family falling prey to greedy land hawks.

Following the lives of three women, the film depicts the many sacrifices that a family has to undergo in order to hold onto their land. The director mentioned that he attempted to bring out the changing morals in suburban lives with the rapid onset of urbanization. He held that although urban growth was important, it should never abandon humanity. Speaking about the choice of music in the film, the director said that the use of Rabindrasangeet was relevant to the theme of the film and was used as ambient music to evoke the many moods of its characters.

Sangita Mishra, the writer of the story, stated her motivations in writing the story. The newspaper article, on which the story has been expanded, served as the starting point for her to write the story. She was delighted to see her story translated on to the screen and remained hopeful that her account of ordinary human lives would be well received by the audience. Speaking on illegitimate seizure of property, she said that the ever-increasing greed of a certain section of people resulted in the plight of ordinary people who simply wish to live peaceful lives in their plot of land. The film, she says, is the much-needed protest in favour of such victims. Dolon Roy, one of the primary members of the cast, said that despite the small budget, the film is sure to fare well because of the largesse of a relatable theme. She also mentioned the wonderful experiences while shooting for the film and said that she felt humbled to work with a legend like Supriya Devi.

The program also included a special audio-video presentation consisting of a collage of the clips and songs of the film. The music CD of the film was launched by the renowned Dwijen Mukhopadhyay in the presence of the media and some of the cast and crew members of the film. ‘Zameen’, with its principal concern for mankind and the innovative use of music, is sure to draw many to the theatres upon its release.