Tantra Expert Reyna Puri Hosts New Yoga Workshops

Kundalini Tantra Instructor Reyna PuriToronto, Ontario, February 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) A new series of yoga workshops being hosted in Toronto are set to introduce participants to the Tantric way of living and the Tantra way of loving. The upcoming workshops are listed on the local web presence directory localhood.ca. There are a number of different definitions of Tantra and they are not always mutually consistent.

The workshops are being led by Yogi Reyna Puri who is described as an International Kundalini/Tantra Teacher. Puri is a practitioner of yoga who has studied under the classical Patanjali style of yoga and is a certified instructor from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai India. She is also certified in Kundalini/Chakra & Tantra Yoga from Bharat Heritage Services Rishikesh, India.

Reyna’s yoga teacher resume is highlighted by having led workshops throughout Europe including London England, Monte Carlo Monaco, in Cannes France and in Spain. She has also taught in Delhi India as well as in New York City in the United States. She has a long list of Canadian venues having taught many classes for Lulu Lemon in Canada in addition to her ongoing yoga classes in Brampton Ontario.

Puri hopes to introduce participants to the holistic practice and to reduce confusion around the term Tantra. Yoga and meditation can lead to general relaxation and mental stability in daily life and the Tantric way of living is another means of personal insight and renewal.

Tantra is commonly associated with the mysterious ways of love making as depicted in the Kama Sutra. But Tantra is not about sex. Tantra is the concept that everything is connected and expanding and interdependent. According to Puri, “Tantra is related to our subtle energy channels called Chakras which are also known as Kundalini. People associate Tantra only with sexuality; however that is just one area of Tantra.”

In her yoga workshops, Puri addresses the commonly misunderstood notion that Tantra is only about sex and she discusses the other mind, body benefits of the practice. “The practice of Tantra has many hidden treasures. Yes, it will enhance your sexual energy. And yes, sex is a beautiful art but there are more benefits to gain from the ancient art of Tantra,” claims Puri.

Reyna's teachings of Tantric yoga are related to chakra energies or Kundalini and participants in the yoga workshops will be introduced to dynamic breathing, liberating sounds and body movements that Reyna promises will “shake rattle and roll the chakras.”