WBRi Movie Review: JODI BREAKERS (2012) A Sizzling Bipasha Basu in a Popcorn Bollywood Hindi Film with Madhavan

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Kolkata, February 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) When asked about the ultimate hot bollywood actress of recent times, without giving any second thought you would utter the apparent name of the Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu (Interview).  And here she is to make us sit up and take notice of her sizzling on screen appearance…After a long break, the red hot bong is back with the recent ‘Players’ (albeit, the film was a major flop and it was baffling to decide which one is more flawed..the movie or Abhishek Bachhan!) and now with the much talked-about ‘Jodi Breakers’.

In the time when bollywood directors are focused on uniting couples on screen and making people believe on the eternal bliss of romance, director Ashwini Chaudhary has an unconventional take on describing love stories. Walking a different path, Ashwini tried to portray the other side of a relationship-the bitter side which is always unpleasant and unhappy. Pairing up two completely opposite characters with contrasting facades, one who has never been a solo leading hero (R Madhavan) and with another who has been out of the picture for long time now (Bipasha Basu) Ashwini experimented with the notion of love in a different angle, wide spreading the message that love can happen even there where it cannot not exist.

‘Jodi Breakers’ talks about the lead character-‘Sid’ (Madhavan), a divorcee (and BROKE!) for whom life has been unpleasant so far having being endowed with a wicked sloppy wife who took all his money and his favorite car in alimony. ‘Sid’ is finally free from his “flagitious” wife, (by which most married men in the movie hall refer to their side-seater!) and decides to enjoy being every bit of being single in the company of aphrodisiac girls, who find ‘Sid’ an extremely charming and irresistible man (which is still a question as to how a pot-bellied Madhavan, with an amiss wardrobe can be a attar of roses for the bikini clad girls). After the rejuvenating session, our mainstream hero, like a responsible man, decides to take up the job of leading the on rocks marriages to the absolute road end-divorce, in a hassle free and less complicated manner.

Trailer - Jodi Breakers (Hindi, 2012)

Having a wide range of unparalleled genres of clientele ranging from the ‘pehalwans of Haryana’, to the sophisticated millionaires of Greece, ‘Sid’ was flourishing in his newly adapted profession with his unprecedented solo act, when he comes across a sizzling and bedazzling ‘Sonali’ (Bipasha Basu). Mutually agreed, they both decide to become the official ‘Jodi Breakers’ of the era, having a common feeling that their act is more benevolent than profit oriented. With an expected twist and climax, cupid makes a re-entry in ‘Sid’s’ life and he falls for ‘Sonali’ in a way as if she is the right girl for whom he has been waiting for ever. But as truly said in ‘Band Baja Baraat’ ‘Jisse Vyappar Karo, Usse Kabhi Na Pyaar Karo’, ‘Sid’ makes a total mess of his lucrative professional and his steady personal life (Na ghar ka, Na ghat ka!).

With a astute performance and a decent character line, long time best friend of Bipasha Basu, our very own ‘Made in India’ Milind Soman looks ultra fit and good in a short role of a multi-millionaire, paired opposite to Dipannita Sharma. The jaw-dropping beauty of Ms. Sharma, added with her finesse in her talents, makes her noticeable even in that short span of her appearance. Nano (Omi Vaidya), the ‘Chatur’ among the ‘Idiots’, plays the role of a sex magnet, could have been put to use in a more diligent way. He even reminds the audience of his versatility by making a vile imitation of ‘Chatur Ramalingam’ aka ‘Silencer’.

The one thing that will pop up in your mind whenever you see Madhavan and Bipasha together on screen, as to why Bipasha does not put the over sized, ill shaped Madhavan in her workout regime. Looking eccentric between the nicely curved Dipannita Sharma, chiseled Milind Soman and toned Bipasha Basu, Madhavan gets away only with a justified performance and excellent emotions on screen ( though one wonders how with such a round shaped appearance can get you Bipasha Basu). With a weak first half, ‘Jodi Breakers’ promises a gut-wrenching drama and an entertaining second half. In a short role, our very own ‘Oh haseena zulfo wali’ Helenji, makes a cameo, and is the most elegant feature that Ashwini Chaudhary has added to this movie.

Shot in the exotic locations of Greece, ‘Jodi Breakers’ is a visual delight for the audience and puts to the fore a breathtaking Bipasha Basu, who never looked so ravishing before, with poignant dose of her item number ‘Bipasha’. The story lacks strong and impactful dialogues, exuding a juvenile touch. Akash Kaushik gets top marks for composing a beautiful script (though not portrayed competently).  With eye candy cinematography, ‘Jodi Breakers’ can be watched once, if not for the characters, then for the love of Greece.

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