India's Entertainment Industry Rides High on WAP Technology

By Avishikta Ray / EveryMedia

Mumbai, Feb 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The entertainment industry in India, is currently riding on a wave of innovations and unique way of distributing the content to the masses. All the major names in Bollywood are tied in a cut throat competition to invent the best delivery option with an intention to make huge profits in the process. Other than the normal video medium, media houses have come up with alternate methods like mobile marketing or better known as the WAP services to increase revenue in the system.

The need to use WAP services through mobile marketing is simple. Today, users use mobile phones not only to have an easy connection with their friends and family, but also to gain information. In the busy society, consumers not only use their mobile devices to get news and information on the go but the mobile phones also serve as a handy source of entertainment. For consumers who travel long distances, download video content and stream mobile TV, WAP has become the usual method to kill time. In short, mobile marketing has become the next big thing in the digital world.

Keeping this fact in mind, the digital agency EveryMedia, has helped Dharma Productions, the leading production house owned by Karan Johar, come up with a WAP site, which means that all the latest updates, news, trivia related to Dharma will be available to the fans as they go about their daily business. Dharma fans too busy to get on the internet for updates on their favourite Bollywood brand; can get even the smallest updates on their mobile phones once they subscribe to the Dharma WAP site. They will also get details of all the Dharma movies including the synopsis, cast and crew etc. of all the movies. The updates will be exclusive to the fans since the WAP site will be the first to get updated. This is definitely a huge break and Dharma has used this breakthrough to be the pioneers in the path of innovation.

With over 2.3 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, the big names of Bollywood will definitely waste no time in joining the band wagon. We are sure; WAP Marketing will help Bollywood in slowly being at par with the entertainment industries of the world.