Interview: ROHINI VERMA of WEIGHT WATCHERS INTL Shares Secrets of Healthy Living Without Compromising on Food You Love (Audio)

By Bidisha Bagchi

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Rohini Verma of Weight Watchers InternationalMichigan, USA, Feb 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) WBRi caught up with Rohini Verma, a Weight Watchers International leader to know the secret of staying slim, trim and healthy without giving up your favorite food.

She described Weight Watchers to be program that educated and informed people on how to navigate and choose healthier food in an ever more challenging environment, while incorporating more activity into their lives.

When asked what kind of plans are available in the United States and was it same across the World, she said that there were two ways of following Weight Watchers. A. In meetings, where members could enjoy the group dynamic, an educated and knowledgeable Leader, accountability and a supportive environment. B. Online, where members could enjoy the convenience of everything Weight Watchers has to offer at the convenience of their home or office or on their mobile device. And these plans were followed by 30 countries all over the World.

She also explained that Weight Watchers’ Points Plus system was a revolutionary method that encouraged and urged people to healthier, more satisfying food choices.

Weight Watchers believes in monitoring food intake, and tracking of it has been linked time and time again to greater weight loss success and four important ideas have lead to long-term weight loss and weight maintenance; a healthy eating plan(Points Plus), group support, behavior modification and increased physical activity.

And the cost of all this is very reasonable, she clarified. Clients had the option to choose different payment plans, a weekly plan, a monthly pass which is the most successful and popular option. This costs a little above $10 a week and with that you get the support of weekly meetings, unlimited online access, programme materials etc. There is also an option where the programmes and meetings are styled to fit the corporate clientele and can be taken to the workplace.

About the food habit of the current generation and how Weight Watchers can help people to achieve a healthy body, Rohini said, the current generation is very quickly getting into mindless eating in front of the television , habitually going through drive -throughs ,super sized menus and this has created a disconnect between portion sizes and our body’s needs. Since Weight Watchers is not a diet, there are no required foods and members are encouraged to learn to eat real food in the real world so that, in the long run, they are empowered to make smart food choices in every life situation. It is a program that encourages small, manageable lifestyle renovations to achieve lasting behavior change.

"Weight Watchers is an international company that offers various dieting products and services to assist weight loss and maintenance. Founded in 1963 by Brooklyn homemaker Jean Nidetch, it now operates in about 30 countries around the world, generally under names that are local translations of “Weight Watchers”. The core philosophy behind Weight Watchers programs is to use a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support. The term weight-watcher, in the same sense, had circulated publicly for several years before the company was formed" - Wikipedia.

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