Video Rreport: Watch Bengali Movie NOBEL CHOR (2011) - Premiere in Kolkata

Video: Nobel Chor Bangla Movie Kolkata Premiere

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Nobel Chor Bengali Movie at Priya Cinema Kolkata Premiere

Calcutta, Feb 17, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Priya Cinema (at Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata) is a favourite venue among noted filmmakers in the Bengali film fraternity. Premiere screenings of big-budget, eagerly anticipated movies are held at the theatre on most (if not all!) Fridays of the month and these sessions are attended by a large number of stars, technicians and other big names from the Tollywood industry.

Saswata Chatterjee
Saswata Chatterjee posing with Anjan Dutta's ABAR BOMKESH Film Poster

The 17th of February was the latest example of such a starry Friday at Priya Cinema, with the premiere event and press meet of Suman Ghosh’s third directorial venture, ‘Nobel Chor’ being scheduled at 7:15 pm in the evening. With the moviemaking expertise of Suman Ghosh being already proved beyond the shadow of a doubt (the man had already been at the helm of two extremely well-received films, ‘Podokkhep’ and ‘Dwando’) and ‘Nobel Chor’ itself having won the Best Indian Film Award at the Bengaluru International Film Festival, movie buffs had been eagerly looking forward to the release of this film.

Dwijen Bandopadhyay
Dwijen Bandopadhyay

The arrival of the stars from the movie (and other eminent guests from the Bengali cine world) added much to the overall ambiance of anticipation that prevailed on the evening too.

Suman Ghosh
Suman Ghosh

One of the earliest arrivals at the theatre was noted actress Soma Chakrabarty, who plays an important character in ‘Nobel Chor.’ Much to the delight of the press and media personnel, the lady posed at length for the camera and also interacted for a brief while with interviewers. Director Suman Ghosh, the man at the helm of ‘Nobel Chor’ made his appearance soon after at Priya Cinema. Like a caring head of family (in this case, his film!), one of the first things that Ghosh did after his arrival was inquire how many of his cast and crew members had already come to the theatre and which way they were supposed to enter the hall. The infectious energy of the director, as he flitted about the theatre premises, sharing a smile with all the guests present, was indeed a refreshing sight. Tollywood truly needs more such hard-working and sincere filmmakers!

Popular actor Saswata Chatterjee (fondly called ‘Apu-da’ in movie circles) revealed his funny and jovial side right upon his arrival, sharing jokes with colleagues who were already present there and asking press journalists whether his previous release, ‘Goray Gondogol’, was also playing at Priya (!). The actor was gracious enough to agree for a small interview session with the media personnel as well. Ashwini Sharma, the producer of ‘Nobel Chor’, arrived soon enough too.

Temperatures started to soar as some of the prettiest (and most well-known!) faces of Tollywood tinsel town started to make their appearance at the theatre. One of the first guests to arrive on the night was the elegant and stylish Swastika Mukherjee. Dressed in a smart informal shirt and jeans, the actress exuded charm and glamour as she posed for the shutterbugs, which simply did not seem to stop clicking. Veteran actress Rupa Ganguli, in a classy red-and-black dress, arrived on the scene pretty soon too. Sudipta Chakrabarty, a fine actress in her own right (and who is also cast in a significant role in ‘Nobel Chor’!) was the next to reach Priya Cinema. With the arrival of so many leading ladies of the Bengali movie industry, the cameramen present at the theatre were (understandably!) kept busy! Music maestro Bickram Ghosh (the music director of ‘Nobel Chor’ too) attended the premiere as well.

As the evening moved along, veteran actors Biplab Chattopadhyay, Dwijen Bandopadhyay and the much-loved (and respected!) ‘Nimai-da’ arrived at Priya. With the clock moving towards 7pm, everyone started heading towards the hall (on the first floor), where the movie would be screened. The easy camaraderie that the actors shared was evident by the fact that when Swastika Mukherjee asked Saswata Chatterjee to pose in front of the poster of Anjan Dutt’s upcoming film, ‘Abar Byomkesh’, the actor duly obliged (with a smile on his face and a coffee cup in his hand!). This was indeed one of the high points of the evening, as cameramen jostled among each other to capture this moment of good-hearted fun and amusement.

Trailer: Nobel Chor (Bengali, 2011)

With the huge audience having taken their seats inside the hall, the press meet started off with a brief introduction of Suman Ghosh, the director of ‘Nobel Chor.’ The director was (quite correctly!) heralded as one of the finest contemporary filmmakers in Tollywood and his immense passion to make films was also highlighted upon here. Suman Ghosh, on his part, duly went onstage and invited all his crew members to join him too. Shouvik Das, the production controller of the film, was the first to be called upon the stage by Ghosh. The director jokingly revealed that Shouvik had the list of names of all the other crew members and hence he simply had to be present at the former’s side from the very beginning of the event! More fun ensued as Suman Ghosh called upon Rupa Ganguly to come onstage after everyone else (saying that he had deliberately done so!). The chirpy actress quipped back, “Ami bujhechhilam kokhon daakbi!” (I understood when you would call me!). Rupa Ganguly was also referred to (accurately, one must say!) as the ‘perfect combination of beauty with brains’ by the director.

After thanking all the members of his cast and crew, Suman Ghosh handed over the mike to the producer of ‘Nobel Chor’, Ashwini Sharma. The man, on his part, expressed his gratitude to all the corporate partners and supporters of the movie (including Databazaar Media, who are in charge of distributing the film in the US and Canada). In a heartfelt gesture, the director also requested every viewer to wait till the end credits had finished rolling before they started to make their exit after the film concluded. As he correctly pointed out, it would only be fair to the artists whose names appear in these credits if the audience waited just a couple of minutes longer. In any case, ‘Nobel Chor’ had a relatively short running time (100 minutes) and it would hardly be problematic for any viewer to delay his/her exit by a few moments.

Two of the biggest stars of ‘Nobel Chor’ could not, however, make it to the premiere of the movie. While Mithun Chakrabarty, cast in the pivotal character of ‘Bhanu’ in the film, could not attend the event due to professional commitments, Soumitro Chattopadhyay was held back by the sad demise of his mother only the previous night. The two stalwarts, however, conveyed their best wishes for the film.

The press meet now drew to a close and the screening of ‘Nobel Chor’ finally started at around 7:45pm (yes, things were running a little late, but we had stars for company!). Judging by the audience reactions during the movie and the way in which all the viewers clapped in unison as the film concluded, director Suman Ghosh surely looks like he has delivered yet another box-office winner with ‘Nobel Chor.’

We would like to wish the entire team of ‘Nobel Chor’ all the very best. May the movie receive plenty of critical and commercial adulation and have a fantastic run at the theatres!

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