AMRA PAANCH (2012) Tollywood Bengali Movie - Story Outline and Web-Site Launch

Amra Paanch - Child Actors Gairika, Prince, Somadrita, Raj and Dipayan
The five kids in Amra Paanch - Gairika, Prince, Somadrita, Raj and Dipayan

Kolkata, February 13, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The website release of the Bengali film ‘Aamra Paanch’ produced by City Entertainment, turned out to be a wonderful experience for the ones who made their way to the Mark hotel at Marquis Street in Kolkata.

Amra Paanch (Aamra Paanch / Aamraa Paanch) Bengali Film

Written by Shankar Dasgupta and directed by Ashish Mitra, the Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie explores the lives of four school children Nir, Jhelum, Arko and Rhu who go around extending help to ordinary people. The film relies on a simple plot structure. The school kids are mischievous and disliked by most teachers at their school. However, one of the teachers named Shakuntala realizes the potential in the students and encourages them to continue helping others.

Amra Paanch (Aamra Paanch / Aamraa Paanch) Bengali Film

Their friend Amal is struck with Thalassemia and, as advised by Dr.Sen, requires ‘O negative’ blood to survive. The friends set about the task of looking for possible donors.

Meanwhile a certain wealthy Toofan Islam wants to occupy the land adjacent to Amal’s house. Amal’s father Sudev tries his best to hold on to his land. But Toofan employs hired goons to threaten him. The four schoolchildren however, manage to melt the hardened heart of the wealthy Toofan Isalm and continue to look for the ‘O negative’ blood for their ailing friend. The film’s suspense is the revelation of the individual who becomes the donor of the blood group the friends were looking for.

Although fashioned as a film for children, ‘Aamra Paanch’ may also provide enough food for thought for adult audiences. With good performances from its star cast and a simplistic screenplay by Shankar Dasgupta, the film is expected to be a pleasure to watch for audiences of all groups.

Apart from the child artistes, the cast of the film also includes eminent personalities from the Bangla film industry including Rajatava Dutta as the dreaded Toofan Islam, Srila Majumdar as the supportive school teacher Shakuntala, Shankar Dasgupta as Dr. Sen, Joyjeet as Loha, Probir Bhattachrya as Amal’s father Sudev and Guddu as the ailing Amal.

The foot tapping songs of the film has been sung by Srikanto Acharya, Shubhomita, Jojo and Shalini while the lyrics to the songs were provided by Shankar Dasgupta, Swaraj Chattopadhyay and Mrigendra. The music director of ‘Aamra Paanch’ is Sandip Sinha.

The website launch of the film on the 11th of February, 2012 at the Mark hotel in Kolkata, was a gathering of several people who were associated with the film. Among the ones present at the event was the writer of the film Shankar Dasgupta, lyricist Swaraj Chattapadhyay, singer Shalini and actors Rajatava Dutta, Srila Majumdar, Devjani Chatterjee and Joyjeet. Apart from them, the child artistes Gairika, Prince, Somadrita, Raj and Dipayan were present at the event. The guests specially invited for the event included Moubani Sarkar, Meghna Halder, Dulal Lahiri, Arnab and Jack. The ones closely involved while making the film spoke at length about its making and the fantastic experience of working with child artistes. The intelligence and the spontaneity shown by the child artists while shooing for the film was unanimously voiced by many who were present at the event. The launch of the website provides an additional scope for a wider audience to align themselves about the film and the ones involved in it.