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Bengali Actor Model Rajkumar Patra

Rajkumar Patra has been writing poems since November of 2011. In addition to being a creative writer and poet, Rajkumar is also a professional model and actor.

Bengali Actor Model Rajkumar Patra

Rajkumar, who also goes by Raj and Raja, lives in Bankura, West Bengal. As a actor-model, Rajkumar has worked in telefilms, TV shows and Bengali TV serials. He has also worked as a model in some photo-shoot projects.

Rajkumar changed his look (in December 2010) by growing his hair and worked in a motivational photography project. His poems have been recently published in a book. Rajkumar is now also involved with a project with the Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie industry.

Bengali Actor Model Rajkumar Patra

Rajkumar Patra can be contacted by e-mail at rkpatra.rajkumar [at] gmail [dot] com.

To submit your creative writings for publication on the WBRi Online Bangla Magazine section, send an e-mail to submissions@washingtonbanglaradio.com.

All poems reproduced below are courtesy of and Copyright © Rajkumar Patra.

Bangla Kobita (Bengali Poem) ABEG PROBONOTA

Abegprobonota - Bangla Kobita (C) Rajkumar Patra


Life Means Exclusive Live,
Mix With Love, Feelings, And Fervent,
It Was Really Magical,
It Is Truly Different.

Life Is Very Short,
Enjoy Every Moments You Have Before
It Was Run Very Fast
So Dont Waste Your Time To Think About More.

Life Is Like A Movie,
It Was Full Of Entertainment.
It Is Show You Real Picture,
You Understand When Finished Of Excitement.

Life Is A Long Road,
Please Walk Alone And Fight To Keep Survive.
It Was Filled With Tears And Happiness,
That I Say Live Means Life.

Bangla Kobita (Bengali Poem) Tumi Amar Sob Kichu

Tumi Amar Sabkischu - Bangla Kobita (C) Rajkumar Patra


Oh Computer Oh Computer...........
You Are The Real Forthcoming Future.
You Can Do All Tough Things,
What Is Human Can't Imagine, That You Brings.

You Makes Impossible To Possible, You Are Greatest Smart,
But You Are The One Who Had Without A Heart.

You Can Solve Hard Problems, Just Like An Easy
You Can Create Save Or Delete, Happiness Life Not Like Busy.

You Lives Between Wires Softwares And Hardwares, You Works Without Stress,
You Are The Modern Revolution For The Human Race.

You Are The Sorce Of Entertainment, You Makes Life Beautiful,
You Are The Best Friend Of Human Cause You Are Wonderful.

Oh Computer Oh Computer............. 

Bangla Kobita (Bengali Poem) - Sudhu Mone Rekho

Shudhu Mone Rekho - Bangla Kobita (C) Rajkumar Patra


Passion Is My Fashion..
I Use It In My Life Without Any Reason.
Passion In My Body, Its In My Heart,
It Was My Daily Habit, Its My Art.

I Live With Passion, It Makes Me Sexy And Hot,
I Can't Leave This AnyMore, Cause A Cool Personality I Got.
Love Is My Passion, Life Is My Passion...
I Am Real Passionable By Nature To All The Season.
I Have The Feelings That I Got The Power,
I Makes My Dreams Comes True Cause I Have Desire.

Perfervid, Hate, Anger, Emotion, Faith, Intensity Including My Action,
I Can Influence People With Just An Attraction.
Dont Ask Me Who I Am? And What I Can?
I Tell You One Thing That I Am Passionate Man.

Bangla Kobita (Bengali Poem) - Ami Dekhechi Tomaye

Ami Dekhechi Tomaye - Bangla Kobita (C) Rajkumar Patra

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