Rajesh Kumar - The Young Magician and Illusioninst from India

Rajesh Kumar is an a illusionist, street magician, mentalist and metal bender from India. He has appeared in a TV show and named India’s Magic Star on STAR One TV Channel (now folded into STAR Player).  This was one of the most successful Television shows on STAR One having top TRP. Rajesh is one of India’s leading modern illusionists.

Rajesh is the youngest and the only magician in India to do death defying escapes from a box full of the explosive RDX which was lifted in the air. He has also done one of the world's fastest costume change magic and he is the only magician in India to walk on a wall. He was awarded the prestigious Jadu Shiromani award by the Indian Brotherhood of Magicians (magician of the year award). Not only that, he has performed for Chief Minister of Delhi Sheela Dixit in India's first magic festival and he has made Pitampura TV tower in New Delhi disappear!

Here is a vide of Rajesh Kumar. Rajesh can be contacted by e-mail at rajesh.kumar67 [at] yahoo[dot] in and via facebook.

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