"ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER LIFE is a remarkably fast pace film" say judges at MIX shorts 2012

Trailer: Another Day Another Life

London, UK, Feb 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) US based Producer/Director Rohit Gupta's first film, Another Day Another Life (ADAL) continues to make it's presence felt at several upcoming International Film Festivals and builds up it's own collection of rave reviews, critical acclaim and an impressive line up of screenings.

Actress Amneek Sandhu
Actress Amneek Sandhu

Another Day Another Life has been invited to screen at the Cape Winelands International Film Festival 2012 in the Short Film Award Section. The Festival runs from 14 - 24 March 2012 in Cape Town & Stellenbosch in South Africa; at the prestigious India International Film Festival (IIFF) 2012, taking place in Tampa Bay, Florida, 17-19 February 2012; The Mix Shorts International Film Festival (MSFF) 2012 to be held from February 17-19 in Richmond, Virginia, and Media Film Festival (MSF) 2012, in Pennsylvania from February 25-27. The film is also competing at the SeeFlik 2012 and Box [ur] shorts 2012 film awards in the US.

Actor Benjamin Jacobs
Actor Benjamin Jacobs

A recent review from the Judges of the MIX Shorts 2012 said, "Another Day Another Life is a remarkably fast pace film, the action never slows or halts. The title is an excellent one that implies so many different things. There is no question this a compelling short film".

Made in 2009, ADAL was an Official Selection and premiered at the world famous Short Film Corner - Cannes Film Festival 2009, and received tremendous praise from critics at the festival. Since then, the film has won numerous international accolades & awards and continues its journey to accumulate international admiration, awards and critical reviews. 

When asked to comment on these accomplishments, the Director said, "All these accolades and awards are a form of feedback that reinstates my belief to follow my instincts. I am thrilled and thankful to have met all those involved in creating ADAL, especially New York Film Academy and my Directing advisor Tassos Rigopoulos. We had a lot of fun in the entire process of making ADAL and we just knew that same energy would reflect on screen and in its future. The recognition that these films continue to receive strengthens that belief further".

A New York Film Academy alumni, the talented Gupta's assignment was to make a 5-minute film and thus came about the creatively shot, and now award winning Another Day Another Life (ADAL), that was shot on a basic standard definition Panasonic DVX 100 camera in 7 hours in a budget of $100 and stylistically edited on his Mac Book Pro. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER LIFE is a short snappy and a thrilling film that depicts a man's tryst with his destiny in turbulent economic times.

"In Another Day Another Life, a man struggles to repress his killer instinct as he approaches the planned killing of his lover. Combining a variety of film techniques and styles, Another Day Another Life is a well crafted, suspenseful short film filled with intensity. The protagonist is enjoyable to watch, the performance well acted. His actions and motives, for the most part, are clear and maintain a simple complexity that is refreshing to see. The narrative remains slightly hazy until the conclusion, keeping the viewer engaged. There is no question this a compelling short film. It is easy to quickly get sucked into the narrative of this short film. " continued the judges review at the MIX Shorts 2012.

ADAL stars Benjamin Jacob & Amneek Sandhu who add to the amazing drama, Music is provided by Peter Roessler, 'Best Original Music - Nominee' (World Music & Independent Film Festival 2011) and the story is by Award winning writer GiriMohan Coneti, 'Winner - Best Concept for a Short ' (Golden Door International Film Festival 2011), 'Best Screenplay - Nominee' (World Music & Independent Film Festival 2011)

Since Cannes 2009, ADAL has bagged the following awards & nominations: 'Best Narrative Short', 2011 Oregon Film Awards, Oregon, USA; 'Best Concept for a Short Film', 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival; New Jersey, USA; 'Best Short Film', 'Best Dramatic Impact', 2011 Best Short Competition, California, USA; 'Best Experimental Film', 2010 Canada International Film Festival; Canada; 'Best Direction', 'Best Short' & 'Best Dramatic Impact', 2009 Accolade Film Awards, California, USA; 'Best First Film', 2009 Swansea Bay Film Festival, UK; Nominated for the 'Best of Best category', 2011 Costa Rica International Film Festival, Costa Rica; Nominated - 'Best Narrative Drama', 2011 Brown Fish International Film Festival; New York, USA; Nominated - 'Best Picture', 'Best Director', 'Best Jersey City Film', 'Best Concept', 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival, New Jersey, USA; Nominated 'Best Soundtrack', 'Best Screenplay', 'Best Cinematography', 2011 World Music & independent Film Festival, Washington, D.C., USA; Nominated - 'Best Film under 45 minutes', 2009 Ireland International Film Festival, Ireland; Nominated - 'Best First Film', 2009 Thailand International Film Festival, Thailand; Nominated - 'Best First Film', 2009 South Africa International Film Festival, South Africa

Rohit's 2nd film LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...(LCA) a full-length feature is also a globe trotting internationally acclaimed award winning film that continues to garner its own share of accomplishments in international film festivals circuit.

ADAL/LCA have been screened at a range of exciting and prestigious film festivals.