Interview: Actress KAMALINEE MUKHERJEE on her role in Bengali Movie APARAJITA TUMI (2012) and other film projects

By Bidisha Bagchi

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South Indian and Bengali Film Actress Kamalini Mukherjee in premiere of Aparajita TumiMichigan, USA, Feb 4, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Databazaar Media would be releasing Aparajita Tumi, online on 15th February 2012. WBRi caught up with one of the main actresses of the film Kamalinee Mukherjee for a casual chat on a Saturday morning.

When asked how and what she thinks about the film, especially her character ‘Ushashi’, she said, it is a very sensitive film and deals with a topic which is most of the time avoided by us. It is a very honest film and has been dealt with very delicately. And ‘Ushashi’ is the soft part in the film, not necessarily the grey. It is a very complex character and she really enjoyed playing it.

Kamalinee is a well known and popular name in South Indian films. So, how did this film happen? Mr. Aniruddha Roychowdhury and she had been discussing about another film and then the ace director wanted to do Aparajita Tumi and came to her for the role of Usashi. She was very happy about the fact that her first Bengali film would be with Tony da (as Mr. Roychowdhury is lovingly called by the Bengali film fraternity) and she was going to play the role of Ushoshi which wasn’t really an ‘author-backed’ role, so there were ample chances of taking the character to a very different level. Kamalinee is a National Award winner.

WBRi asked her how did it feel to be associated with National award winners and sharing the screen space with them. Firstly, she was super excited to act with Bumba-da (Mr.Prosenjit Chatterjee) It was a blessing for her that her first film and a wonderful film in Bengali was with him. He is a great person and interacting with him was so interesting and fun. She has worked with Padmapriya earlier and she felt great to share the screen space with her once again. Chandan Roy Sanyal, who plays the role of her husband, was also a great person to work with. "The entire thing was superb, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!" [sic]

So, is she considering offers from Bengali films? She said yes, she is looking for a really good script that will offer her a role very different than that of Ushashi. She wants to do Bengali films and is just waiting for the right time.

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