Interview: Actress PADMAPRIYA JANAKIRAMAN On Her Bengali Film APARAJITA TUMI (2012) & Other Films

By Bidisha Bagchi

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Michigan, USA, Feb 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) WBRi had a very special guest today; someone who is known to be a model, a wonderful Bharatnatyam dancer and a superfine National Award winning actress. This beautiful lady who is a powerhouse of talent has acted in various films in the four different south Indian languages and even in Hindi and has now set the Bengali films’ silver screen on fire. She is none other than Padmapriya Janakiraman.

Padmapriya was kind enough to spare a few minutes from her busy schedule and candidly chatted with us just before she left for her shoot.

Aparajita Tumi is her first Bengali film and WBRi asked her about ‘Kuhu’ - the character she played in the film and about the film in general, which by now has already tasted success and is also being critically appreciated by many.

She said that the film was basically about relationships, a story of four people and others who are attached to the lives of these people. ‘Kuhu’ is a very independent, strong headed person with her own share of positives and negatives. What makes her beautiful is the way she grasps life, its surprises and the way she reacts or deals with them.

Padmapriya is a very well known personality in all South Indian films, so how did a Bengali film happen?

She said, Mr Anirudhha Roychoudhury, the two times National Award Winning director of Aparajita Tumi met her at a National Award Ceremony and wanted to work with her. Emails were exchanged and the film landed up on her lap. She wasn’t sure it was going to be a serious affair, but it turned out to be.

So, was there any kind of nervousness while delivering dialogue in Bengali?  No, she said. Her mother and lot of her relatives from her mother’s side have spent considerable time in Calcutta and she herself has spent a few vacations in Deshapriya Park of Calcutta, so the language was not alien, in fact, she thought it was easier than Malayalam.

Being a National Award Winner herself, how did she feel working with her director and her co-stars who were National Award winners too? She said, each and every person in the film was a credible person who had done extensive work in their respective fields. So it was just a great feeling of working with and in an amazing group.

About her experience in the United States, her visit got a bit delayed due to some visa issues even though she has visited the US a number of times. The shooting schedule got postponed from February to June and by the time she reached the USA, the crew was already there before her and the number of days she got for her shoot was really tight. Shooting for a two and a half hour long film in 21 days, compromising on almost everything and working for almost 18 hours a day, was tiring but memorable.

When WBRi asked her if she would consider other Bengali films, she said that she is open to all kinds of films in Bengali and would do if any good offers for films of different genres come up to her.

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