Interview: Saibal Chakraborty - Producer of Tollywood Bengali supernatural horror films BHOY and BHOY 2

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[Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Horror Movie BHOY Press meet]Germantown, MD, Feb 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Saibal Chakrabarty is a well-known producer of movies in Kolkata's Tollywood Bengali film industry. He has produced Amar Bhalolaga Amar Bhalobasha and Fight 1:1, and his horror-thriller Bhoy and it's sequel Bhoy-2 are awaiting release at the time of this interview.

Living legend Lata Mangeshkar has performed a song in Amar Bhalolaga Amar Bhalobasha, thus singing for a Tollywood Bengali movie after sixteen years, and Saibal himself has sung a duet in the film with Lata-ji.

Arijit Chakraborty talks to Saibal in this audio broadcast of an informal chit-chat. Saibal has appeared in a dance number in Bhoy alongside Abhishek Chatterjee, as well sung a song as a playback singer for the movie, too.

Bhoy - Theatrical Trailer

Bhoy is a Bengali horror-thriller movie featuring a supernatural character - an apparition of a girl who was killed after being sexually assaulted - which possesses a girl in the film (Monami Ghosh). Eventually exorcism is attempted by Shatabdi Roy. Abhishek Chatterjee plays a medical doctor. Others in the star cast include Debaranjan Nag, Sarbari, Biplab Chatterjee and Soma Chatterjee. The editor is Alok Dhara and the D.O.P Arabinda Dolui. The music is by Soumen Hazari and the lyricist is Sanjoy.

Saibal describes the need for making Bhoy in two parts. He says the films, though made on a lower budget than many other Bengali film being made now, has a tight and compact storyline. The film is of 1 hour 50 mins duration, and Saibal says how he is confident nobody can walk away from the theater without watching the full movies.

Saibal is happy he has been successful in producing the film Bhoy and Bhoy-2. Bhoy is a different kind of film and we wish the film well.