Floatel--The Floating Indulgence (Calcutta, India)


I first saw Floatel while I was driving down Strand Road in Calcutta (yes, I prefer to call it Calcutta). Quite an interesting concept, I thought and made an appointment with the manager to have a dekko at this floating indulgence.
Located at 9/10 Kolkata Jetty (Opposite State Bank of India HQ - Eastern Region), Strand Road, Calcutta 70001, this was truly a magnificent place. It is simply a floating hotel on River Hooghly, modeled like a ship and anchored permanently. It is connected to the shore by a gangway and we carefully crossed it to enter the hotel.

(The Gangway connecting the hotel to the shore)

When the tide is low, the scene is not that exciting, thanks to the spread of water hyacinths that almost surround the entire ship…well, I preferred to call it a ship. During high tide, the scene is very different; there is a feel of being on a cruise even when the ship is not moving. The sweeping views of the river from the deck of the hotel are just too beautiful. The second Hooghly Bridge on one side and the Howrah Bridge on the other really makes it look beautiful. If you are lucky to get a clear sky, the view is worth a million dollars. Since the hotel is on Strand Road, there is also a very stylish view of this popular and busy road of Calcutta, from the deck of the hotel.

(View of Strand Road)

We went straight to the deck which is often rented out to corporate and even to private parties for their meetings and other programmes.
Floatel is a four star hotel and has over forty rooms done up decently. Along with the deck there is also a banquet hall and a few good restaurants…multi cuisine, open air banquet style, tavern lounge just to name a few.
Floatel is an eco friendly hotel with conscious efforts to conserve and preserve water, be energy efficient, recycle and re use for the purpose of being eco-friendly.

(The Deck)
I have received different opinions about its food and I did not have enough time to taste it myself and give the verdict. Some said the food is not bad and some said it was good. So, I am hoping that food is good. In fact how can a hotel in Calcutta not have good food…after all we all Bengalis are so passionate about food.

(The Restaurant)
The rooms clearly hace a breathtaking view; please do not expect a five star standard as it is not a 5* hotel. The rooms are done up decently and the corridors are clean.
People are extremely polite and friendly. This is not because I had got an appointment through a very senior corporate guy in the shipping business, the staffs are in general very friendly and polite. I made it a point to ask everyone who had visited the hotel and I got the same response from all.

So, on your next visit to the City of Joy, just drop in to say a hello to the beautiful river which frankly speaking I had seen after almost fifteen years (I am not counting the visit to Babu Ghat during Durga Puja immersion)...you are sure to fill up your lungs with pure oxygen, for a change and come back with a happy mind!!