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Rohit KulkarniGermantown, Maryland, Feb 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Rohit Kulkarni is the head of Multimedia of the South Asia division at Voice Of America, with over fifteen years of hands-on experience in Television production. Like most Indians (and people from the British Commonwealth nations), Rohit is a passionate fan of the game of Cricket. It is but natural that Rohit's vast experience in film-making and his passion for Cricket should come together, and the result is a fascinating documentary on Cricket in the United States of America.

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Titled "Pitch Of Dreams - Cricket In America", the film documents the past, present and future of the game in the US. A fruit of diligent research and many a day of travel with a camera, the film is a true labor of love. The journey reveals quite a few surprising facts about the game of Cricket in America - and Rohit shares with us some trivia that are surely going to surprise you as well while he talks to Marian Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio about the film.

One of the world's most popular sports had a good run in the United States of America several centuries ago before being overshadowed by the all American sports of baseball. Cricket - this sport originated in England and traveled to all British colonies including the U.S. Soldiers in the continental army played it, Washington's troops played it- cricket was a popular sport in the U.S before the civil war. Pitch of Dreams: Cricket in America explores the unique and fascinating history of a sport that once enjoyed success in this country for over 200 years before fading away.

Today, however there are signs of a nascent revival. Immigrants from cricket playing nations have brought their passion for the sport to their adopted country. By some estimates nearly 200,000 cricket players can be found in the US playing in professional leagues all across the country. We meet young Americans determined to succeed in a game that that is fairly unknown to the average American sports fan. We also witness how despite limited access and facilities many in the immigrant population juggle full time jobs and their passion for cricket. About two hundred years since its introduction to the United remains an underground movement...a well kept sporting secret.