Abhisandhi: The Deception (Bengali, 2011) - Preview of the Bengali film by Tarun Chattopadhyay

[Abhisandhi The Deception Bengali Film Poster]
Abhisandhi Bengali Film Poster - All Images and Information Courtesy Of Neel B Mitra

[Actress Rituparna Sengupta in OBHISONDHI Bengali Movie Poster]Calcutta, Feb 15, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Abhishandhi (The Deception) - a Bengali film by Tarun Chattopadhyay with a tag-line of "Who wins - who loses" - will open in theaters across Kolkata on Feb 25, 2011, including Nandan - 1. A Hindi-language release is anticipated soon after the Bengali film release.

The film  is produced by Shibnath Dey under the banner of Today’s Cinema. The film has been given an A (Adult) rating by the government-controlled Indian Film Censor Board.

Official Synopsis

Mid monsoon - the midnight Kolkata skyline lies under an ominous cloud. The neighborhood around the official residence of Mr. Raghav Sanyal, the powerful General Manager of the Indian Railways, is startled awake by the sound of pilot vans and jeeps of Kolkata police.

[Bengali Actress Rituparna Sengupta in OBHISONDHI Tollywood movie]The focus of leading news channels and flashbulbs are on one face: Viswanath Jha, a lowly attendant. Raghav Sanyal has been killed brutally with a chopper.

Vishwanath, suspected of this horrible murder, has been discovered next to his employer,He pleads innocence, and his face reflects his bewilderment as the media jostle in a feeding frenzy, trying to get footage of him as he is thrust into the police van. It is pandemonium.

The defence is taken up pro bono by Rudrani Shome, a dazzling criminal defense who does not believe in losing. Winning is her passion. Rudrani’s opponent is the Government Prosecutor, Mr.Aniruddha Sen a deeply ethical person, loyal and rational. His ideals are in stark contrast to Rudrani Shome’s. He is also Rudrani’s ex-husband!

Viswanath tells Rudrani he heard a scuffle and a loud cry. Darting to the spot and he saw Mr.Sanyal’s body lying in a pool of blood, the entire room in shambles. Vishwanath faints and remembers nothing else.

Rudrani consults Dr.Shyamal Ray, a psychiatric expert who testifies that it is amnesia, but he needs to examine the accused Viswanath before he can draw any firm inference.

In the meantime, Rudrani thinks she has another clue: Mr.Sanyal was involved in a disputed real-estate deal, using his position in the Railways. He had angered powerful men like real-estate shark Mr.Vinod Shaw. Rudrani has information sources in the murky underbelly of society. She consults Abbas Bhai who is a powerful and shadowy figure in this world, whose associates Rudrani has successfully defended in the past. Abbas, an affable man on the surface, seems affectionate and protective of Rudrani. Abbas gives her details about Shaw.

[Bengali Actress Rituparna Sengupta in OBHISHONDHI Tollywood movie]Rudrani’s investigative assistants discover that apart from Viswanath, there was a young full-time maid-servant who had been working in Sanyal’s household the last six months. Her name was Shibani Mondal, who was nothing but a pastime for Sanyal. Shibani had secretly begun a relationship with Vishwanath, spending several nights with him.

One day while Dr. Shyamal Ray examines Viswanath and a darker facet of Viswanath is revealed. The shy and mild-mannered Vishwanath seems to have another persona concealed in his subconscious persona: He is Shankar, foul-mouthed, violent, emerging from and dominating Vishwanath’s surface personality. Both Dr. Ray and Rudrani are awestruck by this dichotomous entity within the accused In the meantime Aniruddha and Rudrani maintain their cold war and their private tensions of emotions amid sexual attraction. Aniruddha asserts to Rudrani that she is a loser, for all the evidence -- from finger prints to blood reports – point at Viswanath.

But Rudrani skillfully tries to divert the case to a matter of a land deal gone wrong, with Mr.Sanyal a victim of greed in these murky waters of big money and land deals. The shadowy Abbas reassures Rudrani who does not know how to lose. The court-room drama unfolds. Likely witnesses end up murdered. The pace mounts. The film concludes with a double twist. Rudrani turns to the one person she can trust. Who is that person?

Who wins - who loses - in Abhisandhi: The Deception?

Director's Note

Abhisandhi is a psychological thriller. A Bungalow peon is accused of murdering his boss but the truth is elusive and buried several layers deep, and twists are the order of the day.

The movie portrays the archetypal political corruption in India and the deep relation the high Government and the underground crime world with the corrupt legal system a pawn in the intricate web of deceits. The film also explores the strong emotional content of a divorced couple who are pitted against each other in a high profile case. This is the basic story line in a nutshell (trying not to reveal too much!), but the film is so much more than this. The tension and pace is relentless throughout the film.

Cinematographer Rakesh Kumar gives the film a suspense look, with a palette of blues and greens with deep and encroaching shadows living in every space of the frame, which works in perfect tandem with the film’s desolate narrative.

The great cinema critic, writer and director Chidananda Dasgupta has his first ever role in an Indian cinema. This film also portrays Kalyan Ray in a negative role for the first time. The well-known Bombay actors, Mukul Dev and Sanjay Swaraj play two pivotal roles in this film. The national award winning Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta plays the lead role in the film as a smart, successful and highly ambitious lawyer who doesn’t have any qualms representing underworld crime bosses and can go to any extent to win her case.

We are certain that you will remember her "Rudrani" for a long time.

Cast and Crew

Tollywood Film - Abhisandhi Kolkata Bengali Movie Poster

Starring: Rituparna Sengupta, Mukul Dev, Kalyan Ray, Barun Chanda, Sreela Majumdar, Nimu Bhoumick, Sanjay Swaaraj and others. Special Appearance by Chidananda Dasgupta.
Directed By:     Tarun Chattopadhyay
Written By:     Tarun Chattopadhyay
Associate Director:     Sanjeev Dey
D.O.P:         Rakesh Kumar
Music Director:     Kalyan Sen Barat
Editor:         Atish Dey Sarkar
Art Director:     Tapas Sarkar
Prod Manager:      Gobinda Saha
Playback Singers:     Babul Suprio, Shubhamita, Rupankar, Saptak, and “Dohar”
Website:         www.wix.com/tarunc/abhisandhi-1

About the director Tarun Chattopadhyay

Tarun’s film career has started as a child actor in 1959 as Master Tarun in “Khaniker Atithi” by Tapan Sinha.

Tarun took part in 13 feature films where he worked with great directors such as Ritwik Ghatak (Subarnarekha), Tapan Sinha (Khaniker Atithi), Sushil Majumder (Hospital), Rajan Tarafdar, Deboki Bose, Shambhu Mitra and others. He directed more than 50 plays and acted in numerous others in many venues, including Off-Off-Broadway, New York City. Also a well-known stand-up comedian, he performed throughout India, as well as USA and Canada.

In successive years, 2001 and 2002 Tarun Chatterjee won the highest awards as a director in the International Drama Competition held annually in Toronto, Canada.

Tarun was an observer in Aparna Sen’s last two feature films -“MR & MRS IYER” and “15 PARK AVENUE” and acted in Aparna Sen’s last feature film “JAPANESE WIFE“.

He was a member of the American Film Society in New York.

Tarun has finished his first Bengali feature film “Abhisandhi“.

After all these years, Tarun has decided to pursue his childhood dream of being a Filmmaker.

About the producer Shibnath Dey

Shibnath has been working for last 32 years in our film industry. He started his career as an Asst. Editor. Shibnath has worked with some renowned Indian filmmakers as an assistant director, a chief assistant director as well as an associate director.

During his 32 years working period, he has worked with many well-known directors of Bombay film industry such as Shibu Mitra, Sakti Samant, Ram Mukherjee, Ardhandu chatterjee etc.

In Bengal, he has worked with Pravat Roy, Anirudha Roychowdhury, Buddhadev Das Gupta, Goutam Ghosh and Aparna Sen.

As a director; he has also made two Bengali feature films named “Ashamajik” and “Bhalobashar Ashray”. In 1995, “Bhalobashar Ashray” was in main panorama of Indian Film Festival, which was held in Goa.

Shibnath is a true versatile film industry individual with knowledge of feature film, T.V. serial and Ad film.

At present, he is the head of Todays Cinema production house.

About the DOP Rakesh Kumar

A young, talented, versatile, cinematographer par excellence, Rakesh Kumar won accolades from his very first feature film “ABAR ASHIBO PHIRE“ a Ravi Ojha Production.

Graduating from “Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute”, has worked with eminent Directors as Ravi Ojha, Goutam Ghosh and Aparna Sen.

Vinod Pande’s “RED SWASTIK” gave him a strong foothold in Bollywood.

His renowned works includes – Goutam Ghosh’s “ABAR ARANYA” and “YATRA”. In Aparna Sen’s “MR. AND MRS. IYER” he was the Additional Cameraman. He has just finished Tarun Chatterjee’s feature film “Abhisandhi” and two other Bengali feature films.

Now Rakesh is getting ready with his own story, script and direction for a Bhojpuri feature film and you have guessed it right, he is also the Director of Photography of this project.