Suspicious Deaths Of Madan Bhandari-Jiba Raj Ashrit Highlighted By Nepali Docu-Feature Movie Das Dhunga

Das Dhunga Trailer

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On May 16, 1993, an ill-fated day, what appeared on the surface to be an automobile accident involving a Jeep killed the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal - United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) Madan Bhandari and Central Committee member Jivraj Ashrit. Subsequent investigation lead by Police Inspector Kiran Kunwar indicated the accident to be a possible conspiracy for murder. The investigation was abruptly terminated by Nepali authorities - although Inspector Kunwar himself went on for a while on his own, he too succumbed to personal problems and external threats and quit the investigation eventually.

The driver of the Jeep, Amar Lama, had survived the accident. However, Lama was also killed by unknown perpetrators a decade after the accident.

Such are the facts behind the Nepali docu-feature film titled Das Dhunga after the location of the accident in Das Dhunga in Chitwan district of Nepal.

Das Dhunga is presented by the makers of Greater Nepal and 13,246 and directed by Manoj Pandit. Among the star cast, Madan Bhandari is played by his brother Mohan Bhandari, Anup Baral plays Inspector Kiran Kunwar with Sanchita Luintel in his wife's role, and Daya Hang Rai plays the driver Amar Lama. Saugat Malla represents the dark forces which eventually lead Inspector Kunwar to give up his probe.

Interestingly, the blame for the deaths were initially put on India, but more recently, the hands of Maoist forces are being suspected. The film offers no resolution, confining itself to portrayal of facts as known.