Romance(in) the Niagara (Canada)

 Maid of the Mist and the Canadian Falls

In case anyone ever thought that the mesmerizing ‘Niagara’ would overpower the honeymoon romance, she or he would definitely be proved wrong. The mystical natural wonder will rather enhance it. Couples have made Niagara their choice for years even though the area has not made it onto the Top Ten list of lovers' destinations for quite some time.
Niagara offers some unique charms; the main attraction being the gorgeous water, crashing, plunging, and thundering without a stop with a roaring and deafening sound along with its majestic cascades.
There are two superb views; The raging rapids of Rainbow and Bridal Veil Falls tumbling over massive rock formations in a nearly perfect straight line on the American side and the amazing Horseshoe Falls forming a natural curve on the Canadian side.
Whether one views the fall from the American side or the Canadian side, it's just superb!

Our Hotel: Embassy Suites

Our hotel concierge had a lovely brochure that described all the places to go around the falls. The next morning we proceeded towards the Niagara. We started walking towards the falls; it was a long walk but distance was not important. At the end of the walk we saw the fascinating views of the American Falls and the Canadian Falls and the tiny boat Maid of the Mist cruising by the falls.
It was an outstanding view and perhaps I am falling short of superlatives while describing it. Relaxing for a while we decided on the Maid of the Mist Tour: a boat ride to the foot of both the falls. Maid of the Mist is a fleet of some boats. Two larger boats operate from the Canadian side and two smaller ones from a dock on the American side. We boarded the vessel and it started its journey into the cloud of mist at the base of the Canadian Falls. Everyone was issued a blue plastic raincoat with a hood that was supposed to keep us dry. But who wanted to remain dry? As the Boat approached the fall, a voice came over the loudspeaker, announcing the arrival of the Niagara Falls. Then the boat started on with prolonged approach into the base of the falls and we ran towards bow rail to experience the maximum effect. It was a whirlpool of wind and rain and we got drenched and soaked. Fantastic it was! It was cold and we could feel the mild shivers. The boat hammered very slowly, fighting against the standing waves, and trying to break through the turbulent water. Then the pilot slowly turned the boat to the fall and everyone on the deck also got soaked. The boat penetrated the mist and it was a superb experience…it was too beautiful.

Illuminated Niagara

We were so tired after this magnificent trip that we took a sort of ‘hop on and off’ kind of a bus that dropped us to the hotel. Regardless of where we stayed, we had insisted on a room with a view of the fall and we found an appreciable one. The windows in our room faced the American Falls head on. The Horseshoe Falls was clearly visible from the window in the unobstructed panorama, especially at night when the water was illuminated with coloured spotlights making the entire ambience beautifully romantic. The other thing that we enjoyed during our stay at Niagara Falls was the fireworks. Normally held on weekends, it’s a riot of colors in the sky and is mind blowing.

Fireworks on Niagara