Is Sujan Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Ektu Onnyorokom’ a different film, as it literally means?

Kolkata, Feb 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Actor Sujan Mukhopadhyay is all set to direct his first film ‘Ektu Onnyorokom’ under the banner of Surakha Agrotech Limited and Dreamz Production. Though he has taken up the project after ace director Prabhat Roy walked out of the film due to creative differences, Sujan is absolutely excited about this opportunity. He started his directorial venture in 2009 when he directed a telefilm titled ‘Paara Bepaara’.
‘Ektu Onnyorokom’ is a story of three friends who come to the city of Kolkata with dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled in life. The film stars Jishu Sengupta, Kanchan Mallick and Rudranil Ghosh in the lead roles. Rudranil, who has also penned down the story and script for this film along with Paddanava Dasgupta, would be seen essaying the role of an aspiring painter. Jishu plays the role of a struggling actor while comedian Kanchan is the future ‘neta’ in town. They end up staying in a house that is opposite a women’s hostel. Three aspiring models (played by debutants Dona, Satakshi and Apala) are neighbors to these men. With the coming of Arpita, a new tenant in the hostel, the plot thickens and what goes on is rampant comedy!
The shooting of the film started in September last year and has been completed recently. Director Sujan revealed that the sets of the film had been set up in a studio in Kolkata and was one the biggest sets that have ever been built for a Bengali movie. He also mentioned that the friendship and chemistry between these three actors in real life has been of much help to portray their on-screen equation between each other. Though Sujan denies the fact that the film has any resemblance with the blockbuster movie ‘Three Idiots’, the audience would have to wait and watch till the film hits the theatres.
In an interview with the leading lady, Arpita Pal Chatterjee, she revealed that the character she plays in this film is that of Rani, the new tenant in the women’s hostel. Rani is a head strong girl and has much resemblance with Arpita in her real life. On the sets of the film, the actors were seen enjoying themselves and were in all appreciation for their new director. They said that Sujan could identify well with each one of them and helped them to bring out the best.

The plot of the Bengali flick is interesting and promises to deliver a wholesome entertainment to the audience. It is a long time that the Bengali audience hasn’t been treated to a successful comedy movie. The movie promises to fill up that much awaited gap.
The film has music by Indradeep Dasgupta who has also composed award winning melodies for Bengali films like Bor Aashbe Ekhoni, Le Chakka and Fighter.
‘Ektu Onnyorokom’ literally means slightly different. We hope that this light-hearted comedy flick truly happens to be ‘different’ and manages to give the audience a run for their money!