Fight 1:1 (2011) - Shatabdi Roy Delivers An Interesting Story: Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Tollywood Bengali Actresses Pamela and Moul with actor RAJA from FIGHT 1=1 Bangla Film
Actresses Pamela and Moul with actor RAJA - FIGHT 1:1

Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Shatabdi Roy - Fight 1-1 Bengali Film
Shatabdi Roy - Pictures © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Feb 11, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Fight 1:1, a film about rivalry, friendship, aggression, gangs and about the 'fight'-the fight between the Rohit gang and the Julius gang. The film comprises of a young star cast who are all newcomers and play the members of the two gangs respectively.Rohit is played by Raja, the actor who plays the lead role in the Star Jalsha serial is played by Raj, another newcomer. These two characters are shown to lead two respective gangs in St Samuel’s college located somewhere in North Bengal. There is complete lawlessness in that college and in fact they are the ‘law’. They are always fighting over something or the other and are at each other’s throat. Everyone is disgusted with them. When a girl called Tiyash helps Julius ‘s gang to win a competition, Rohit’s gang decides to get back at them,Rohit slowly woos Tiyash and makes her fall in love with him though he doesn’t know it. On the other hand Raka, Rohit’s best friend slowly understands this and removes herself from the gang though she still supports Rohit and in fact loves him. The college has also a new principal,Parbati Sanyal,a very stern and strict principal who lays down her own set of rules when she becomes the principal. That also includes boys and girls not sitting beside each other and according to her, the relationship between a boy and a girl can never be platonic and at some point of time they will be something more than friends as she has faced such a situation in her own life.Raka challenges her on this matter and she also loses it later on. How that happens is best left unsaid as the ending gets very interesting and ends on a very different note.

The story of the film has been conceptualized by Satabdi Roy who also plays a very important role as Parbati Sanyal. In fact once she enters the scene; she carries the film on her shoulders and one of the main things of the film. The story is interesting and due credit to her for coming with such an unique theme. Tapas Pal who plays her husband is also good. One however can not agree with her views shown in the film of the relationship between a girl and a boy never being platonic as it is not entirely true. It is as if to prove this point, the relationship between Rohit and Raka has been forced when it was smoothly going along. However though Raj and Raja are all pumped up as Julius and Rohit respectively, it is Mouli as Raka and Pamela as Tiyash (seen previously in a couple of films) who impress among the lot. Paran Banerjee as Bhulu Sir with his very forgettable memory stands out with his performance and lends the comic touch to the film who is also shown to be attracted towards a few girls in the college and also Parbati Sanyal of all people! The outdoor locations look good and the college campus looks like a college! Debutant music director Rathijit impresses with his music and shows variety. Towards the end, the special effects shown in the action sequences look new and innovative.

Overall a more than a decent effort considering the cast and one must thank Saibal Chakraborty, the producer to come up with such a film. Incidentally he has also sung a song in the film, a Rabindrasangeet, but that has not been allowed to remain in the film by the censor board for some reason.