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By Aditya Chakraborty

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Acharya Sanjoy Chakravarty

The Sciene Of Living - Artists From Around The World
The Science Of Living Through Shabda And Sangeet - Artists From Around The World

Ankan, Kinjal, Reshmi, Bisak, Soumen
Ankan, Kinjal, Reshmi, Bisak, Soumen - Images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Feb 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Acharya Sanjoy Chakravarty, younger brother of Pandit Ajoy Chakravarty organized a programme recently at the Jodhpur Park Institute called ‘Science of Living through Science through Shabda and Sangeet’. It was a basically a programme which proved how scientifically we can get peace of mind through noise (not the pollution kind though!) and music and how it can soothe our feelings. A few people like Pandit Tonmoy Bose, Dr.Ranadip Ranjan Ghosh Roy and Dr. Santanu Banerjee as well as Pandit Maharaj Banerjee spoke on the effects of music on our human mind and also how music affects our minds.

The first half of the programme had fusion music called ‘WE ARE ON THE SAME BOAT BROTHER’, where artists from all over the world including India, Canada, U.S.A and Australia got together to spread the magic of music through vocals and instrumentals. The second half of the programme called ‘The Music of India’ by Reshmi, Ankon, Kinjal, Bisakh and Soumen where it was an unique programme that represented the forms and content of historic India over the ages (from Vedic era to 2010 (that started with dhrupads, khayals and ended with ‘Bang Bang’ from the film Hello!). Each singer was outstanding and I for a matter of fact was completely zapped during that period of time. Barring Reshmi all have been part of some reality show or the other and all of them happen to be her students.

This entire programme was conceptualized by Acharya Sanjoy Chakravarty and the programme was actually held on the occasion of the silver jubilee marriage anniversary of a couple, Gautam and Sharmila Mitra who have a son suffering from cerebral palsy and want to take this initiative further to more such children to make them feel better and try to make them more normal if possible through instruments and certain forms of music.Bravo! This is all I can say to the couple and it gave me immense pleasure to be part of such a programme and would have surely regretted had I not been present!