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  When I first read about Sumitra, the first thing I remembered was a clip of dialogue from Yash Chopra’s super hit film ‘Chandni.’  Vinod Khanna, the owner of the travel club explains to his newly appointed secretary, Sri Devi about the job and he says ‘hum logon ko duniya ki sair karate hain’ (we take people around the world) and Sri Devi replies, yani ke, jo sapney woh dekhtey hain, aap usey poora kartey hain (which means, you fulfill their dreams of travelling around the World)
That is exactly what Ms. Sumitra Senapaty is; she can make your travel dreams come true. An internationally known travel writer who has extensively travelled across the globe , Sumitra is the answer to all your travel dreams. She spared some time from her busy schedule to talk about what WOW is.

Tell us something about yourself

Perhaps I was a nomad last life! Taking on from there I do have a serious case of wanderlust and wandering through the year - checking out places, traveling with the girls and sometimes getting away from it all. I have trained in  hospitality, worked with the media before becoming a freelance writer and then got all charged up to start the  WOW Club six years ago. When I am not on the road, I shuttle between Delhi & Bangalore, since I have homes in both cities, additionally I am a wife and mother of two teenagers, a daughter and son. I love my work! Gives me immense satisfaction to have created a unique travel platform for women.

When did you first conceive the idea of WOW, what inspired you?

During the course of my years as a writer when I started to globe trot, many women felt that I was lucky because I could travel as and when I want. I recognized the passion for travel, but I also saw that obvious reasons like social pressures and safety issues was holding them back. So I decided to make them 'lucky' as well by organizing these tours that took away the concerns that was holding them back.

How did you first plan your trip and where was it, how did it go?
WOW's first trip was to Ladakh followed by Egypt. Well, both these places still continue to be the most popular destinations with women even after 6 years since the club started!  It was a pioneering effort that I wrote about and it got written about by the media as well and the rest is history. Word of mouth was also instrumental in promoting the woman holiday concept and both the tours were SOLD OUT! in a matter of days and that was motivation enough not to look back.

This group is for women, how do these members come to know of WOW?

WOW being a pioneer in the field, we have been written about in all the important domestic and some of the international press, television has also extensively covered us and now some one has written in that they want to make a film on WOW! We have recently started a little bit of advertising in relevant magazines. Primarily its word of mouth that is spreading
the WOW word to all corners of India and the world as well! A few foreigners and many NRIs have joined in for the India based tours. We regularly have American women groups that come in to tour India with us during the winter months. Since WOW has been  delivering quality consistently, work of mouth had done the rest for us.

How frequently do you organize these tours? Are these trips only overseas, is there anything in India ?
We do about 35 group tours in a year, covering over 25 exotic destinations around the globe, about 10 tours are within india,  rest are international.

Keeping in mind the recent political restlessness in many parts of the world, how safe are your ‘all women’ travelers?

WOW is more concerned about safety than any other travel organization. We cancelled Egypt at a sizable expense even though the group was ready to go. As a policy we keep away from countries that are not absolutely safe.

What is the best way to contact you in case someone wants to be a member and join a group tour?

simplest is to visit our website: or call on 91-11-46151901,09717929944 or 09891655054. 

What are the places you have been so far with WOW as a group ?

Greece, Kenya,Egypt,Israel, Europe, China ,Ladakh,Andamans, the list is endless.....

What are the trips that are coming up in future?

In near future, the groups that are ready and complete include Morocco, Bhutan, Cruise to Greek islands, Italy. here again the list is long....... We plan to do South America next summer - Brazil, Argentina & Peru
I may add here that our groups are in five different categories:
foreign women tourists coming into India
fixed departure group travel for women
young mothers with kids below the age of 12 (sons & daughters)
customized tours on request from a bunch of women friends, and relatives
solo women tours wherein we find you a suitable travel woman partner or partners for a tour, a service to women who due to what ever reasons are unable to join our group tours, are alone and would like to have a travel companion, who is compatible, so that they may have safety, companionship, and avoid paying the dreaded single occupancy charges.

Ms. Sumitra Senapaty