Aamir debuts as the ‘bad man’ with Dhoom-3

Mumbai, Feb 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio/Kreation Guru) After the success of Dhoom (2004) and Dhoom-2 (2006), there was much buzz in B-town regarding the next sequel of the Dhoom series. There was news everywhere that Aditya Chopra would be announcing the next Dhoom-3 with Shahrukh Khan as the Smart thief this time. The wait continued until there was news about director Sanjay Gadhvi, who directed both Dhoom and Dhoom-2, parting ways with Yashraj Films.

The theme of the Dhoom series always centred around thrill, action, bike chases, handsome thieves, smart and daring stealing plans. The third part of the series is not going to be any different, as per the industry sources.  The iconic style statement made by the movie, is to be repeated in the new movie and it will be a challenge to retain that level of excellence. The Hindi cine goers are expecting nothing less than a perfect entertainer from the new movie.  The news of the exciting star cast has also added to the interest in the movie.
The rumour mills continued with news that Adi Chopra would now take up the baton himself and would be directing Dhoom-3 and also that there would be a number of replacements like Saif Ali Khan would be seen as Inspector Jai Dixit and Rani Mukherjee would be replacing Bipasha Basu.
The suspense is finally over now! Yash Chopra of YRF has confirmed himself  that Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan has finally signed in for Dhoom-3. Aamir would be seen as the baddie in the film this time while Abhishek and Uday would be continuing with their famous pair of Jai and Ali. The film would be directed by director Vijay Krishna Acharya, popularly known as Victor who made his directorial debut with Tashan in 2008. Victor is also the writer of the entire Dhoom series including Dhoom-3.
On an interview with Aamir, the actor revealed that he was very excited to play a negative role which would be one of his first after a small negative stint in 1947 Earth. He said that Victor had convinced him with his outstanding script and Aamir had full faith in his director. Aamir would be seen in a new style in the film for which he has already started working with Adi Chopra.
Yash Chopra, when asked about his reaction to Aamir’s entry into the Dhoom series, said that he was quite confident that Aamir, with his star power and acting abilities, would surely make the experience enriching. Aamir has earlier worked in YRF’s Fanaa opposite to Kajol and shares a comfortable relationship with the banner. The female lead is yet to be finalized opposite him.
The shooting for Dhoom-3 will start in the latter half of the year and will hopefully hit the theatres during Christmas in 2012. Audience have a lot of expectations from Dhoom-3 and as Aamir calls it a ‘franchisee’, we hope that the box office would see the film to be coming out with flying colors!