Discuss Asish Basak's M-Factor about Muslim impact on India from Md. Ghori-Timurlane till Shahrukh Khan-Katrina Kaif

M-Factor by Ashish Basak
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‘M-Factor’, written by Asish Basak, is an absorbing tale from vehement times of Mohammad Ghori and Timurlane till the rollicking days of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. It begins when Islam appeared like a desert-storm in the Arabian peninsula and thundered to India on stomping hooves and flailing swords, It maps Muslim impact in India’s ‘Mission Possible’, and how the Muslims slowly Indianised to become a part and parcel of this wonderfully endowed time-tested civilization.

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In its search for excellence, ‘M-Factor’ also unmasks the modern Indian politics, role of Media, the bad vibes of never-ending Kashmir Dispute, the foreign elements of China & Pakistan, the ‘Hindu Backlash’ during Ayodhya Debate and Godhra Train-Gujarat Massacre, etc. etc. The book marks India’s palpable shift in paradigm from ‘Rama’- values to ‘Krishna’- values when Indians learn to play hard to win and win at any cost. It upholds the truth that peaceful cohabitation between the opposing faiths can be really plausible as India surges ahead in its transition to ‘Developed Nation’ and into a ‘Global Super-Power’. It also affirms that the climax is unreached but India is slowly standing up, bit by bit; each passing day making it stronger and higher and each step faster than before as it nears the finishing line of success. But it is more than an incomplete journey, more than an untried experiment, more than an unfinished business. It is a riddle which also questions God’s mysterious ways and seeks to give every Indian a chance to solve the ‘M-Factor’. It draws hope from the fact of ‘India Shining’ and ends with the assertion that that this land belongs NOT to ‘Rama’ or ‘Rahim’, but to ‘Ramu bhaiyaa’ and ‘Rahman chacha’.

A civil engineering and science graduate by academics, a journalist by profession, a writer by choice and a performer by passion, Asish Basak likes to be introduced as ‘both a confirmed bachelor and a confirmed atheist’. He is basically the Editor-Director of "Hello Kolkata", a 3-D Media that runs a newspaper, a website & a multilingual TV. He is also a renowned Consultant for HRD, Public Relations, Branding & Event Management. With superb command over three languages (English, Bengali and Hindi), Asish has been an exciting feature of the events calendar throughout Kolkata and outside. He is a regular writer in various newspapers and journals. His first book – “TO WIN”- focuses on development of communication skills, confidence building, public speaking, body language, conflict resolution, etc. (ref:- http://www.hellokolkata.net/photogallery.html)

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