The Puppet Queen - An Ambitous Indie Animated Film By Pia Chaudhuri

By Aditya Chakraborty

PIA CHAUDHURI - Producer-Director of THE PUPPET QUEEN Animated Film
PIA CHAUDHURI - Producer-Director of THE PUPPET QUEEN Animated Film
Picture By Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Feb 6, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Animation films don’t have an industry in India as the target audience is limited and they are also very expensive to make. Also the films are far less technologically equipped in comparison to a foreign animation film. Other than the rare 'My Friend Ganesha', very few films have met with success. When the film is not even a big budget mainstream, there is even less chance of success and publicity for the film and it takes courage to make films like that.

The Puppet Queen - Kaleidoscope Song (Promotional Video Clip)

One such person who has decided to make such a film is Pia Chaudhuri who has taken courage to make a small budget film called ‘The Puppet Queen’. The film is about Sheena, an Indian girl who wants to make it big in the American industry. As a child, she meets an evil fish who comes in her way and sends evil people to fight her, but she fights against them. Her ambition is to win an Academy award one day. For this though her friends support her, her husband Sam and Rheinhart, the film producer she loves don’t support her. However one fine day she does eventually win the Academy award.

The film is made with iClone Pro 4.12 software by Reallusion (a 3D animation software) which is much less expensive and an easier software than Maya or anything of it’s kind. The film is expected to be shown at Max Mueller Bhavan and maybe a couple of other places as well in the future. A DVD of the film will also be available in the market soon. Pia is the director cum producer of the film and even the female voices and the music vocals are by her.

Pia showed the press a short promo of about 10m of the film which is 53 min long recently.