CHINA MAMA The Super Martial Art Hero (2011) Bengali Action Film from Bangladesh

CHINA MAMA Bengali Movie Poster

Calcutta, Feb 6, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) J.C. Chinese, Mithila, Jhon, Jhumka, Taj, Real, Mouchak, Sanu Shiba and others star in the Bengali action film China Mama - The Super Martial Art Hero from Bangladesh. The film is written by Rana Hanan and directed by Jugantar Chakma Chinese (J C Chinese).

The film is expected to release in 2011 under the banner of Jugantar Chalachitra. This is their first feature film release.

Official Synopsis:

Honest and diligent DB Police Inspector Super Martial art hero China (J C Chinese) lives a middle-classed lifestyle in a small town. China has a Chinese martial art School, and there are many orphan kids are Trained. They call him China Mama. A bomb blast in the city, many peoples are died, China and Inspector Robin are attacked And Fight with the Bomber, Subsequently, China & Robin arrests local politician, Hansha (Shanu Shiba), shortly thereafter, Tiger hijacks a bus and holds the passengers. Kabir’s daughter, Jhumur (Jhumka), is amongst them and Kabir’s elder daughter Jhuma (Mithila) request China for assistance. China, recruits along with ex-convict, Manik Mirza (Jhon), and Real, Taj, does manage to rescue them but differences crop up between the trios and In his attempt to arrest bandit king Tiger (Yousuf),. When China and his Friends finds out that Tiger has abducted a bus load of passengers which include the daughter of retired School teacher, Mr. Kabir, But problems begins to crop up between the three especially when China's young nephew & Manik Mirza Girls Friend Chameli gets kidnap by Tiger and he is asked to free 5 of Tiger's convicts from jail.

Now what should China, Manik , Taj & Real Do?

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