NECKLACE (2011) - Locket Chatterjee Delivers An Excellent Performance As The Thief's Wife Swarnachampa - Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Sekhar Das at Premiere of NECKLACE - Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie
Sekhar Das at Premiere of NECKLACE

Kaushik Ganguly and Churni Ganguly
Kaushik Ganguly and Churni Ganguly at Premiere of Necklace in Kolkata - Images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Feb 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sekhar Das (interview) who has directed the national award winning film like Krantikal (buy Bengali Movie DVD in USA) and also other notable award winning films like Mehul Bonir Sereng (DVD), Kaaler Rakhal (DVD) etc has directed his first comedy film with a different touch. The filmmaker who is known for his dark, grim films with a very serious undertone based on a rural theme has made his first city-centric tale with an assembly of actors from the world of films and television.

Necklace (Bengali, 2011) - Theatrical Trailer

It stars Rudranil Ghosh (interview) and Locket Chattopadhyay (interview) as a pair of thieves Keshto and his wife Swarnachapa who go to houses to steal at around dawn and whenever they are confronted by members of the household, Keshto falls down and gets injured. His wife lands up there and starts wailing and to avoid further harassment, the people of the house where they go to rob pay up.

Such a similar incident occurs as well one day when this pair goes to rob Biswanath and Shikha. Similar events occur just after that and Keshto lands up in the hospital, while his wife is taken to Biswanath’s house where she starts behaving like a queen. On top of that, Swarnachapa finds Shikha’s necklace in the bathroom which she starts to wear and behaves like a queen. Biswanath has some helpful neighbours to help him out in this situation. Biswanath is very perturbed with this and finally reveals the truth to his boss. While conversing with his boss on this matter, he comes to know that this particular couple have tried this trick before several times where he falls from a great height while he goes to steal and the wife lands up at that spot instantly and people are forced to pay up to save further harassment. Biswanath’s boss goes to the hospital and confronts him and Keshto is forced to own up. They are let off with a severe warning. After getting out of hospital, they become changed people. They start a home delivery service whereby Swarnachampa (Keshto’s wife) takes care of the cooking and Keshto goes from house to house to deliver the food. They even deliver food nowadays to Biswanath and Shikha who are their clients.

The film can't be called a true comedy because it also has a message and it is sort of a satire. It shows us how the lives of two classes of people completely change when they come in contact with each other and this specially applies to Keshto and his wife who are able to reform themselves. The cinematography is very good specially the night sequences and the shots at the break of dawn. Everyone has acted well though some deserve a special mention. Rudranil is a natural in everything he does and he is excellent as Keshto, but Locket as Swarnachampa is easily one of the best things about the film. Her role as the illiterate, rusty, yet scheming Swarnachampa is very, very good. Just see in the scene where she does her version of ‘Raat Akeli Hai’ after having a few glasses of wine! Excellent! Ritwick as Biswanath is very good as well with his comic timing and we need to see more of him. Rituparna is good as is Deepankar Dey as Biswanath‘s boss. Chandrayee Gosh as Tagor who undergoes a makeover in order to be in business is worth mentioning in her small role. Sekhar Das has used this part where she acts as a flash reference which makes it interesting. Music by Gabu (Gaurav  Chatterjee - interview) is again interesting after his other release Kagojer Bou. One of the best things about the film - Keshto just reaches the 3rd floor where Biswanath and Shikha stay after climbing up the wall to rob them and imagine what plays as the momentarily background score at that particular moment? Of all things Strauss! You also get to hear other western classical greats on other occasions in the film which is very apt as the background score! It is a very interesting watch!

However one can't figure out why the film originally called ‘Chorer Bou’ had to be called 'Necklace' as the importance of the necklace becomes a little less relevant in the film as the film progresses rather than the ‘Chorer Bou’! Also one also has to accept facts like thieves repeatedly falling from great heights and surviving on each occasion while watching the film by just thinking it to be a cinematic liberty taken by the director for the sake of the story.