A Beautiful Mind (Cosmic Healing)

She has a beautiful mind and she heals the mind and body of those who seek her help. A software developer by profession with a Master’s degree in Computer Application, Ms. Shivi Dua is now a known name in Cosmic healing. She spared some time out of her busy schedule to talk about her therapies to the readers of WBRi. 

1.    What inspired you to take up a profession of cosmic healing?

As a child, the deeper truths of life and questions pertaining to human existence always intrigued me. I was only to realize later that finding answers to those questions was going to be an integral part of my journey.
My daughter’s illness and her intense suffering at a very early age formed a reason for my turning my attention towards energy healing. I now realize that the destiny we have created for ourselves to live in the current lifetime always creates reasons to draw us towards it. If we resist it for our conscious reasons, we only delay our evolution and the bliss that lies in store for us.
As I was using energy healing to help my daughter get better, I was being introduced to this very beautiful world of the subtle but immensely powerful positive energies. Miracles started happening and became a way of life for me. There has been no looking back ever since.

2.     What is serenity through surrender all about?

People around us and the situations we are amidst seem to always affect us. They seem to control us and be the reason for our misery. The truth is that the seed of everything that we experience lies within. This truth gives us the power to change anything in our lives that we want to, by looking within.
“Serenity through Surrender” helps us do just that. Any kind of concern in one’s life like relationship issues, stress at work, financial problems, lack of confidence, addictive behavior, etc. can be dealt with by finding out the reasons for the same in our own subconscious and changing those within us.

3.    How does the entire thing work? Why would I need this kind of a healing? How does it bring about a change/cleanse the body and mind ?

By connecting with the cosmic energy, the healer finds out the reasons held within the person’s subconscious for the undesirable situation they are facing. Further, taking help of the cosmic energy, the subconscious is re-programmed to create a desirable situation for the person instead.
All of us have areas in life where we could seek improvement. Over time we might even have found acceptance for certain undesirable patterns in our lives. Even though acceptance of the reality of the moment is the first step to achieving internal peace, it is now possible to move a step beyond. We deserve to live the life of our choice. We need to be clear about the change we want to experience. We can then use SS for that desired improvement. For those spiritually inclined, it connects us to the divine energy and helps us realize the divinity each one of us holds within.
The physical being that we are, is but a tool for the evolution of the soul. We experience in our lives what the soul has deemed important for its journey. The subconscious carries the lessons learnt by the soul so far and creates our lives accordingly. By making a conscious choice, we can now get rid of the lessons that serve us no longer. Our Creator never meant us to suffer. By thus changing our own energy, we change the physical reality we are constantly creating for ourselves to experience. That includes the people we come in contact with, the situations we experience with them, our physical body, our attitude to life, etc.

4.    What are the workshops about?
The workshop “Serenity through Surrender” empowers the participants to deal with their life situations such that instead of blaming the people around them or the situations they are in, they learn to look within to change their attitude towards the problem. This inevitably leads to diffusing the problem.
Each one of us is bestowed with multiple clairsenses (like clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.) but they lie dormant within us because the focus is always on judging oneself with respect to the outer world. The clairsenses connect one with one’s inner self through inner vision, inner hearing, gut feel, the sense of knowing something to be right, etc.
This workshop reveals to its participants their unique set of clairsenses. It triggers a process within them that continually activates them as well.
Using these, one finds their connection with their inner being, which is where their own unique potential lies. Uncovering one’s strengths and overcoming the limitations becomes easy and effortless then.

5.    Tell us about your book, ‘let the power be with you.’

The book aims at providing an insight to the readers on how we ourselves are responsible for the lives that we experience.
It explains the power our thoughts carry to create what we experience. It further explains how they can, therefore, be used to create positive experiences for ourselves.
 It helps look within for the reasons of what is undesirable in our lives. Acceptance of the reality of the moment is important. Yet, that is not all. We can go on to re-create our life afresh by focusing on what we want instead of continuing to energize through our thoughts the undesirable reality that exists. It throws light on what Karma truly means and how we can best use our free will to change our destiny.

6.    How was the response to this book?

Every now and then I receive an email from some part of the country that mentions how a reader of this book was deeply impressed by the simplicity with which a very complex subject has been dealt with in it. It has helped the readers understand life better and bring about a positive attitude towards life within themselves.Reading such mails, I feel the book has really served its purpose.

7.    How do you feel when people give positive feedback about either your book or your healing?

It undoubtedly gives a very good feeling each time I learn that I have been a medium for a positive transformation in someone’s life. In the process, I learn more which further motivates me to do better the next time. Hence, it is a virtuous cycle.

8.    How frequently do you organize trainings & What is the best way to contact you?

Normally the trainings are conducted once a month. So far, most of the workshops have been conducted in Gurgaon, India and one in Chandigarh. I am now planning to conduct them in Varanasi, Pune and Bangalore. I can be contacted through the website www.serenitysurrender.com or at my email-id shividua@hotmail.com.

 9.    Would you like to say something to the readers of WBRi?

It is important to realize that it is about time we took ownership of our lives. Complaining and blaming only manifests more reasons to do the same.
Being in the human form gives us an opportunity to exercise the immense divine power we hold within. By pitying ourselves, we demean the miracle that we are. We inherently carry the capacity to create the bliss in our lives that we always dream of.

Ms.Dua, in one of her workshops.