RUNAWAY (2010) Bengali Movie Promo-Preview-Trailer-Review

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RUNAWAY is a Bengali film directed by Amit Ashraf and produced by Sumon Arefin. The star cast includes Monir Ahmed Shakil, Shahed Ali, Naila Azad, Animesh Ich, Qazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Swarna, Ethila Islam (Child Actress), Al-Amin, Saiful Islam Mahmood and others.

Amit Ashraf is a young Bengali-American film-maker. He studied dramatic writing and film production at Tisch, New York University. He has been involved with creating a number of documentaries, short films, commercials and animations. "Runaway" is his first feature film that took him back to Bangladesh to work with producer Sumon Arefin. Angered by the  common issue of runaway husbands/fathers, Amit was inspired to write a story about a man who did something about it.

After months of development and preproduction Kyle Heslop joined the team from New Castle, England as the Director of Photography. With a unique and energetic cast and crew Runaway took flight.

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There are men who run from their homes.

Searching for something better. Perhaps a better wife. Perhaps a better life. But never content.

There is one man who is hired to find these runaways. He locks them up and brings them back  home. Some call him a hero. Some call him a pest. He is Babu.

He is constantly on the prowl for his big catch. Not just another job. One day Babu spots a poster and there he is: Vote Akbar! He hatches a plan to bring him home. This is that journey.

DIRECTOR: Amit Ashraf
PRODUCER: Sumon Arefin
RUNTIME: 100 minutes