RAJ BASU Piyalir Password - WBRi Exclusive Review from World Premiere of Bengali Movie

Raj Basu Bengali Movie Piyalir Password Sabyasachi Chakrabarty Rituparna SenguptaAn exclusive WBRi Report from the Premiere of Piyalir Password (2009) Bengali Movie written & Directed by Raj Basu

By Soutik Singha

Piyalir Password, the first Bengali movie entirely shot in US in a matter of nineteen days, is an excellent and ingenious production. The film is so engrossing that it is not only hard but impossible to take a pause even for a smoke break! It is such an engrossing one. The story takes you to a world that looks almost same to our everyday NRI life. But reveals the darker sides of corporate greed and hunger for money that are always trying to control the mankind in their way. Violence, murders, white lies and such precarious acts get ignored or forgotten often, many a times, by us, buried in the daily struggles of our everyday life. Raj-da, the director, had made an excellent effort in this movie to open up our eyes on that truth, sublime in our mind.

Writer Director RAJ BASU Piyalir Password Sam Chan Roopa GangulyPiyalir Password depicts the story of an accident that looks different at its face value to us. And we dwindle on the thin line of facts and fictions and finally loose the analytical sense, much because of the risks involved that will jeopardize our daily life and to avoid the extra burden of fears and more tensions. But for the sake of love towards her sister and niece, a newcomer to the most technologically advanced country of this world, took the challenge to reveal the truth and jumps in despite all sorts of unknown barriers. That is the story. Struggle to reveal the password of her sister's email account is not the essence but the passion and struggle to find the key to the real fact and establishing it is the real theme of the movie. And we salute Raj-da again to make that as the focus in the film.

Bengali Movie PIYALIR PASSWORD director RAJ BASU Sabyasachi RituparnaGiven the short tenure of only nineteen days of shooting, Raj-da had made all the efforts, even after being bound by the budget and other constraints to assemble a team of the most promising and talented people in the unit. The most popular and prominent actors and actresses from the Bengali film industry had took a step to flm this first of a kind Bengali movie. This is not only the first Bengali movie shoot in US but also till now no other Bengali movie till date had depicted an everyday life story in lights of the modern world based on the latest technological advances in all spheres of our daily life, that lives on the edge.

Video: Full promo of Piyalir Password - WBRi KOLKATA TUBE

RAJ BASU film maker PIYALIR PASSWORDOverall Piyalir Password is a must watch for all Bengalis across the world as the latest and most modern Bengali Cinema that has lots of potentials to change the Bengali film making legacy.

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