A Big Dream Coming True At Shri Aurobindo Institution of Kalyani, West Bengal | By Barnali Saha

A Big Dream Coming True:
The good works of the Shri Aurobindo Institution of Kalyani, West Bengal.

by Barnali Saha

I have always felt that there is a wall between us and the world. It is as if some mighty drapery is shutting down our complete view of the other side. In our warmly lit, fire place rolling sumptuous world we live in one glass house of comfort while the landscape on the other side faces drastic tectonic shifts everyday. In the other world existence is a struggle in itself and paucity is the only procession that its inmates have. On my last visit to India, I had a microscopic view of the pain and the sullen current of despair that flows in the other world, And what I found strange is that most people talk about this other world at length, they write, they are vociferous but when it comes to changing the condition that persists, only a handful of men come to the forefront.  I was lucky to have come across a galaxy of such wonderful men and women struggling hard to make the other world a better place to dwell.

Sri Aurbindo Bhaban Kalyani West Bengal India
Shri. Aurobondo Bhavan, Kalyani, West Bengal - Picture by Barnali Saha

The Shri. Aurobindo Institution in Kalyani is a sanctum sanctorum where a group of local residents are relentlessly trying to set up a proper educational institution for the underprivileged children dwelling in the area. The active volunteers of this community have wonderfully built the initial structure and I was amazed to see the decorum and eagerness that prevailed in the different makeshift classrooms of the institution. There were children from the lower strata of society who are otherwise denied the privilege of education seeking the goal of knowledge. It was a respite to the eyes to see these children trying to learn the 3'Rs (Reading, writing, Rithmatic), their bright eyes shinning with enthusiasm as the teacher (a young volunteer) recited the various lessons. Dr. Namita Dutta, the principal of the children's school said that the main aim of the education provided in the institution is the all round development of the students and the direction of detrimental influences that might fall on them into socially active channels. Following the ideals and the philosophy of Shri. Aurobindo, this small institution is weaving big dreams in the heart of society. Currently, they have almost a hundred students under their threshold and they intend to carry on the project to a major scale. At present they have classes from kindergarten to standard five, and each class has almost twenty to twenty-five pupils. Apart from education, the institution also does a rainbow of charitable works including free medical checkup for the poor, providing relief to people impacted by several tragedies etc

Some Students at The Shri Aurobindo Institute, Kalyani
The Students - picture by Barnali Saha

A classroom in session at the Sri Aurobindo Institute, Kalyani
A Classroom in Session at The Shri. Aurobindo Institute, Kalyani

As tradition and contemporary puritans parley over new-millennium gadgetry, they turn a blind eye to the necessity of the upliftment of the Indian society. The newfangled ideas should be fortified with suitable action and Shri. Aurobindo Institute of Kalyani seems to do just that. Here the children of the Below Poverty Level are learning the cannons of society, the proper ways of developing their characters and the importance of physical education. The parlance, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is defunct here as students learn to imbibe the lessons naturally and without pressure. The teacher is the guide helping them unfold their latent interests. Such ideals of education have long been available in Indian education system, but sadly no major institution has embraced them so freely. I was impressed by the broadminded approach of this institution. The helmsman of the institute, Mr. G.L.Saha believes in the prospect of free mind devoid of all kinds of prejudices. The foundation is the brainchild of his philosophical and spiritual mind. Even at the age of seventy five this man is a tireless activist of the novel cause of the betterment of society. While talking to me he discussed his ideas about education that he intends to uphold for the future generation. I was told that the institution needs a proper school building with modern amenities and a proper team of teachers to carry on functioning. There is a serious dearth of funds and the institution seeks donation to flourish its ideal of creating a wonderful future for the downtrodden children of society. I urge all my readers to go ahead and spread the good word about this institution and dedicate a small amount of money to this wonderful institution and help it bloom to its fullest. Those of you who are in West Bengal should visit the wonderful organization and see for yourselves the good work that they are doing.

I wish this organization all the best and hope to see it touch the zenith very soon.

For more information contact: Shri. G.L Saha at +91-2582-7720 or email him at glsaha1@yahoo.co.in

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