Experimental Bengali Movie DVD Release - Five No-Budget Films by Little Fish Eat Big Fish: Kolkata Book Fair 2010

In the best of Calcutta traditions, a group of smart intellectual Bengali cinema enthusiasts have decided to challenge the decay in Indian cinema driven by commercial box-office greed and subsequent erosion of quality in mainstream Indian cinema being produced commercially and the increasing capability of a hitherto smart audience to digest kitsch.

This group calls themselves Little Fish Eat Big Fish. They write in their blog, "Therefore, we view the existence of a "producer" in the process of film making as an unwanted intervention of the consumerist culture to control and, thereby, subjugate the auteur.". They go on to boldly pursue their goals of great film-making, and challenge film-lovers "to come and see what kind of quality a no budget film can deliver."

Bengali cinema still leads India - Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury's 2008 film Antaheen (DVD) just won the Best Film National awards a few hours ago. Along with the commendable efforts of groups like Little Fish Eat Big Fish, the Bengali film lover can be sure Bangla cinema will continue its remarkable eloquence and position of prestige and acclaim as a showcase of the best of Indian film makers.

Bengali Movie Five No Budget Films DVDFive No Budget Films

The "Five No-Budget Films" DVD contains the following 5 short films released under the banner of Little Fish Eat Big Fish. The DVD will be released on 30th Jan, 2010 at the Little Magazine pavilion at the Kolkata Book Fair at 5:30 PM. For more information and to purchase this DVD, you can contact Anamitra: 9883103809, Snighdhendu: 9330948167, Sumit:9051226823 or Arup: 9432860086

Boi-Ta: Jeebito O Hatyakaree (The Sand Book)
Bengali, 2010, 20 mins

Directed by: Snigdhendu Bhattacharya

Watch the trailer:The Sand Book:

Jean Luc Godard Had No Script
Bengali, 2010, 23 mins

Directed by: Anamitra Roy

Watch the trailer: Jean Luc Godard Had No Script:

A Mimetic Approach Towards Cinema: The film is not a film at all, but merely a theatrical dress rehearsal captured on a miniDV. The title of the film is exploitative. This is not a spoof on Godard, even characters from Glauber Rocha invades the scene. The basic concept of the film is to stage the way the colonized mind mimics the aesthetical value of European Art Cinema. The concept of 'Cinema' is being killed in the film where the director himself plays the character of Godard ( with lots of quotations from JLG's interviews) wearing a heavy make-up on his face while his hands reveal the original colour of his native skin. He speaks to a critic on the very film being shot and introduces his five characters one by one. The dubbed soundtrack specifies the hierarchical altitude of the two of them. The film unfolds by picking up threads and glimpses from various planes of reality and arranging them around a table.

Cast : Anamitra Roy, Sumit Dey, Kamal Kumar Roy, Abhishek Bhattacharya, Sangbit Samaddar, Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, Arupratan Ghosh, Yovik
Concept Development, Camera, Godard's make-up : Sriparna
Assistant Director : Sumit Dey
Make-up : Kamal Kumar Roy
Production Control and Management : Kamal Kumar Roy, Pratik Mondal, Mithun Chakraborty, Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
Written, Directed & Edited by : Anamitra Roy

Athoba Bhoyer Golpo Bengali Movie Production StillAthobaa Bhoy-er Golpo (Or, A Horror Film)
Bengali, 2010, 19 mins

Watch the trailer: Athoba Bhoyer Golpo

Cast: Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Doelpakhi Dashgupta, Kanchan Sengupta
Cinematography: Arupratan Ghosh, Rajshekhar Das
Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy
Costume: Pritha Chattopadhyay
Make Up: Sriparna Dey
Producion Control: Avishek Dashgupta, Pritha Chattopadhyay
Screenplay and Direction: Souva Chattopadhyay

...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (...Or, A Horror Film) is inspired from a short story by Daniil Kharms, a little known Russian poet and short story writer. The film is about the paranoia inherent in the urban mindscape that prohibits oneself from fulfilling his/her desire.

Daniil KharmsSome books of writings, compositions  and musical works by and about Daniil Kharms are available online - click here to order » - the works you can purchase include Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms, Incidences, The Man with the Black Coat: Russia's Literature of the Absurd - European Classics, First Second, It Happened Like This: Stories and Poems, Forever Standing: Daniil Kharms & Igor Bakhterev's Poetry in Musical Imitations, OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism - European Classics, Forever Standing: Daniil Kharms & Igor Bakhterev's Poetry in Musical Imitations (MP3 Audio Download), OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism - European Classics, Daniil Kharms: Writing and the Event (Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies), Daniil Kharms by D. Kharms, Daniil Kharms. Izbrannoe (audiobook in Russian), Russia's Lost Literature of the Absurd: Selected works of Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky by George Gibian, Kak Stranno/Wie Seltsam. 100 Years: Daniil Kharms - Russian-German Composers Quartet (Audio CD), Russia's Lost Literature of the Absurd: A Literary Discovery (Selected Works of Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky), Zdagger Upper Ooster Ooster, 1929 (D.Kharms/text in Russian) by Darius Klisys (MP3 Download), Daniil Kharms: Theologian of the Absurd.(Review): An article from: The Modern Language Review by Neil Cornewll (digital HTML download) and many more.

One day, the nameless protagonist of the story comes across a stranger, and that triggers off a series of bizarre incidents in his otherwise event-less existence. He finds a dead body in his flat, he meets a girl who tries to seduce him, he desperately tries to get rid of the dead body... but, at the end, he becomes more confused than ever!

The film examines how power intervenes in our lives, almost imperceptibly, and then starts re-engineering our activities and desires.

Antoraal (A Hiding)
Bengali, 2010, 15 mins

Directed by: Arupratan Ghosh

Watch the trailer of A Hiding:

Proti Biplob Deerghojibi Hok (Long Live (all) The Revolution)
Bengali, 2010, 20 mins

Watch the trailer of Proti Biplab Dirghojibi Hok:

Proti Biplob Deerghojibi Hok (aka Long Live (all) the Revolution) is about a young writer’s struggle in the power-craving world of ideology and disbelief. In this short fiction you will find a fake-magician, and you will be haunted by a prolonged and bizarre nightmare. This film is basically a fantasy of telling the (un)truth.

Cast: Yovik, Mainak Pal, Anamitra Roy, Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Shriparna, Subhendu Manni
Production Control: Mainak Pal
Camera: Debashish Adak
Sound & Editing: Anamitra Roy
Make up: Puja Ghosh
Art: Subhendu Manni
Set: Mainak-Avik
Story and Direction: Sankha Subhra Ganguly

Previous Films by Little Fish Eat Big Fish

Mrito Kanchan-er Lobh-e (In Search of Dead Golds)
2009, Bengali, 12 mins

Cast: Manab Sharma, Sriparna Dey, Anamitra Roy, Arkapratim
Camera: Arupratan Ghosh
Graphics: Sriparna
Production Control: Tata Mukhopadhyay
Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy
Music: Dipyaman Ganguly
Written and Directed by: Arupratan Ghosh

Written and directed by poet and writer Arupratan Ghosh, In Search of Dead Golds is the first no-budget short film made under the banner of "Little Fish Eat Big Fish". Mrito Kanchaner Lov-e was shot over Winter 2009 - the hottest winter of the decade. Discrete urban memories give an oblique structure to the film which the film maker could merely stop hence touched the geographical end lines of the city of Kolkata marked by the age old river and the newly constructed super masculine highways, to talk a bit personally. Read the complete synopsis and watch the film at the official blog >

Crime and Punishment
2009, Bengali/English, 22 min

Crime and Punishment

Cast: Yovik, Kamal Kumar Roy
Cinematography: Debashish Adak
Make Up: Sriparna
Sound and Editing: Anamitra Roy
Written and Directed by: Sankha Subhra Ganguly

The second film released under the banner of "Little Fish Eat Big Fish", the film is written and directed by Sankha Subhra Ganguly, a student of mass communication and an incurable movie-buff, with the support of the Institute of Mass Communication Film & Television Studies. The film was one of the entries for IBDA'A Awards 2009 in Film/TV Feature category. Launched in 2001 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Ibda’a Student Awards were initiated by Dubai Media City in association with the International Advertising Association.

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