माया त माया | Tulsi Ghimire's Maya ta maya ho - Nepali full movie song promo Chino music video release

The Nepali film industry’s once-acclaimed director Tulsi Ghimire, who began his career as a spot boy in India’s Bollywood to learn the craft of filmmaking from scratch, has returned to Nepal with a romance, “Maya to maya ho” (Love is love), which released in Nepal last week.

He also has a children’s film, “Swarg ko pari” (Angel from heaven) that will premiere in Sikkimese capital Gangtok Tuesday, and what he calls his tour de force, “Desh” (Motherland), which is in the queue for Kathmandu’s cinema halls.

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Watch the complete song promo:

Star cast: Bhuvan KC, Sharmila Malla

Direction : Tulsi Ghimire

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