Ravan - Raavana (2010) - Ram is right ? Sita to have an affair with Ravan in Mani Ratnam's Epic Hindi - Telugu Movie

Ravana 2010 Hindi Movie Review

Pictures from shooting of Ravana - image courtesy TheBollywoodActress.com

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Mani Ratnam (born 1956) - the acclaimed Indian film maker from south India - has dipped into the great Indian epics and come up with great contemporary stories before. His 1991 Rajnikanth-Mammooty blockbuster Thalapati (Tamil) / Dalpati (Hindi) / The Commander (English) [Buy DVD] had an unmistakable flavor of certain subplots from the Mahabharata - Rajnikanth's character was a modern day Karna and Mammooty's that of Duryodhana.

Famous worldwide in the Bollywood and Indian movie lover community, Mani Ratnam has delivered a string of smart box-office superhits also known for their great cinematographic qualities - ROJA (1992) [DVD], Dil Se (1998) [DVD] and so on. Mani Ratnam has frequently worked with the now suddenly famous A R Rahman in many of his movies. In fact, Roja was one of the movies that put the name Allah Rakha Rahman in media and cinema prominence early on in his career.

It should not, therefore, come as a big surprise that a couple of years ago Mani Ratnam started a film project about adapting sections of the Ramayana into a contemporary movie. The movie was envisioned on a grand scale - written by Mani Ratnam and Rensil D’Silva, to be made in two languages (Hindi and Tamil), with largely different casts, a lot of action, special effects and music, as expected, by A R Rahman, who now is reportedly equated to an Indian version of Mozart.

Mani Ratnam's 2010 epic is titled RAVAN in Hindi and RAAVANA in Tamil.

RAVAN (the Hindi movie) has a star cast of Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Vikram, Govinda, Nikhil Dwivedi, Suhasini, Priyamani, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi and more. Suhasini is Mani Ratnam's wife. Ravi Kishan is a celebrated Bhojpuri cinema hero who sometimes appears in Bollywood movies and TV serials.

According to rumors, in Mani Ratnam's adaptation, Vikram is husband of Aishwarya. Vikram had in the past once shown indiscretion (to put it mildly) towards a girl, and the girl had been unable to withstand the torment and killed herself. Abhishek is the brother of this dead girl, and in search of revenge, kidnaps Aishwarya to get back at Vikram. Things take a romantic turn when the kidnapper and kidnapee fall in love. Bipasha Basu plays Ravan's wife Mandodari (the daughter of Maya).

The shooting for Ravan was completed towards the last quarter of 2009. An important part of the finale of the movie is actually shot in the controversial Vedic Village in the suburbs of Calcutta.

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