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Chatradhar Mahato was the adivasi leader who's...

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Washington Bangla Radio presents the complete new album  Chatradharer Gaan by Kabir Suman. Listen free to the full album online in MP3 format using the player below.

Note: This album is presented by Washington Bangla Radio by permission and with blessings from Kabir Suman himself.


1. Chhotrodhorer Gaan.mp3
2. Amar Premer Gaan.mp3
3. Bonduk Nile Hate.mp3
4. Age Bhot Din.mp3
5. Dundubhi.mp3
6. Gaaye Bidroho.mp3
7. Jongol Tumi Kaar.mp3

Kabir Suman has created  news with his new album titled "Chatradharer Gaan" release. The album is a tribute to Chhatradhar Mahato.

WBRi's partner Cozmik Harmony has recently released some of the other latest Kabir Suman (erstwhile Suman Chattopadhyay) albums available in MP3 download format here.

According to reports, Kabir Suman, who is a Member of Parliament having won from the Jadavpur constituency on a Trinamool Congress ticket, sings about Chhatradhar Mahato in the album.

Wikipedia informs us, "Chhatradhar Mahato (born 1964) is an Indian ex Trinamool activist and now a Maoist. He is the convener of the Maoist-backed Police Santrash Birodhi Janasadharaner Committee and a prominent tribal leader, though he himself is not an adivasi by descent. He gained prominence following the Salboni blast in November 2008.".

According to many reports, including this post on Kolkata Mirror, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has clarified that Kabir Suman's views as an singer-songwriter is not the Trinamool Congress party's official opinion.

Listen to an online interview of Kabir Suman where he talks about his entry into politics and role as a MP HERE.

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