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Abohomaan is a Bengali movie to be released in theaters in 2010, directed by Rituparno Ghosh and starring Dipankar Dey, Jishu Sengupta, Mamata Shankar, Riya Sen, Ananya Chatterjee, Shikha and others. Cinematography is by Avik Mukherjee, who is also debuting as a director with the forthcoming Bangla film Ekti Tarar Khonje. 21 Grams has scored and performed the music - the same band that did music for Rituparno's Khela.

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Some sensation-craving low-quality web-sites practicing irresponsible journalism have claimed Abohomaan is a movie about the legendary Satyajit Ray's relationship with Madhabi Mukherjee. Rituparno Ghosh has clearly said in this interview that Abohomaan is a story about the bonding of two women, and he has really not done anything yet about his plan on a Satyajit Ray - Madhabi Mukherjee themed movie.


Abohomaan tells the story of Aniket, one of the finest filmmakers of Bengal in eastern India and the loves of his life. Devoted to his craft, Aniket met and fell in love with his wife Deepti, an actress, while they worked together on the set of a film. They were so in love that Deepti sacrificed her own career for her husband's and for their son Apratim, but lost a little of who she was in the process. The plot thickens when Aniket auditions a young actress, Shikha, who bares an uncanny resemblance to his wife when she was younger. Deepti enthusiastically begins to coach Shikha for her husband's film - so much so that Shikha becomes even more like the girl Deepti used to be and as a result the aging Aniket falls in love with Shikha, a woman as young as his son, despite the sadness and trouble it brings to his family.


Watch this video about Abohomaan with Riya Sen and Rituparno Ghosh, where Rituparno Ghosh kind of comes to the rescue of Riya Sen who was facing difficult questions from the media:

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