The New York City Restaurant Week..January 23rd to February 10th 207.

Here comes some exciting news for all food lovers around town. It is the Restaurant Week in New York city.  And its just in time, when you thought all festivities are done with and all you have to do is to  deal with the ordeal of  harshness of  a winter. But then, it's New York city and things are different here. Just as the saying goes, the city never sleeps, the city is also never out of a festivity. It's always a celebration in New York city. There is never a dull moment here. And if you happen to be a food lover, it is your time right now, this week to be here in the city. It is the foodies paradise, right here on this slice of the earth. There are about 375 restaurants participating in this bi-annual promotional event spreading over 40 different neighborhoods. It definitely is the time to indulge!  And the most exciting part of this "week" is that it spans for 19 days !! Starting January 23rd till the 10th of February, 2017.

 So, you have a lot of time to think about it, plan it and try out new places at your leisurely pace and make your dining experience a pleasure in its true sense. It is indeed a great opportunity to dine at bargain prices  at these places which are usually high end and out of one's budget. No wonder that this event has gained much success and popularity over the years now. Most of these so called "top of the line" restaurants offer a  three course "prix-fixe" meals for $29 (lunch) and $ 42 (dinner), which may easily be called a steal !! There is truly an incredible choice in dining at an extraordinary price. So, New Yorkers and visitors alike need to venture out into the vast and varied culinary scape of this city without the pinch in the pocket. 

However there are a few insider tips that I would like to suggest to maximize your ultimate gastronomical adventure.

1. The three-course, prixe-fixe meal $29 (lunch) and $42 (dinner)do not include beverages, tip or tax.

2. Most restaurants do not participate during weekends, so do not expect a Sturday night prime table during this week.

3. It is advised to review the menu in advance as there could be fewer choices than normal during this week. And with guests having food restrictions, choices may be limited.

4. Reservations may be made easier on  Monday through Wednesday than for Thursday or a Friday.

5. When making reservation be sure to mention that you are booking for the Restaurant week.

6. Once seated make sure you ask for the Restaurant week menu if it is not offered to you already.

7. Tip the server based on the usual price of the meal, not the Restaurant Week price.

Now that you are adequately armed with all the information , there is no stopping You !! It is time to follow your taste bud around and explore the unlimited choices and cravings in the dining capital of the world. Bon Appetit !!